Kapamilya Chat Anji on being a Big Winner

After two years of virtual hangouts, Kapamilya Chat is finally back in the studio for live ‘kwentuhan’ and bonding with your favorite stars! Opening a new era for the show, they invited Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 10 Big Winner Anji Salvacion to share the life-changing moment of being hailed as the season’s ultimate housemate, plus her lessons learned that will truly inspire everyone to keep a heart full of ‘sunshine.’

Anji’s doll-like beauty was a standout in her blue ruffled dress. But as the conversation went on, we realize her beauty is defined not just by her physical appearance but through the pureness of her heart.

She was humble throughout, not wanting the “Big Winner” title to get to her head. She was only grateful to everyone who helped make her victory possible, especially the fans and the other housemates’ fandoms that joined forces to vote for her. The overwhelming support made her realize that her greatest blessing isn’t the title but winning people’s trust.

As for the two million cash prize, she doesn’t want to talk about it, either, careful not to appear like bragging. But you may rest assured that the money will go to good causes like charities and her brother’s treatment, as well as that of her back injury.

Anji got the injury during one of the few final tasks inside the PBB house. At the time, despite the pain (that can still be felt today), Anji wanted to still contribute something to her team. She felt worthless at some point but Kuya told her that all kinds of help are equal as long as done with the right motive.

Faith became her greatest weapon while inside the house. Also thanks to her housemates’ influence, she’s learned that her relationship with God will set the tone of her relationship with herself and other people. Now carrying the “Big Winner” title, she’s more attuned to her influence, which she intends to turn into a legacy.

“I feel like a mom ‘cause there are kids who are watching me. Nasa isip ko, I should be a better role model talaga to these children. Kasi these children are the next people that my kids are going to look up to,” she said.

Anji entered the house still clueless about what it really takes to be a Big Winner. But now she knows. “It always comes from here,” she said, pointing to her heart. “Your values will get you to somewhere. And your heart, if you’re true, and you stay true to your values, it will get you to somewhere. Dati, when I’m asked that question, hindi ko masagot-sagot. Lahat tayo makaksagot niyan once we figured out what’s our purpose in life,” expressed the Singing Sweetheart ng Siargao.

That purpose is “to spread love and kindness.” She calls it a blessing that we can pass down to the next generations. For Anji, spreading love and kindness is a cycle to keep. “My Dad taught me to share your blessings, and your blessing is kindness. So, once you share to others your kindness, babalik yan sa’yo a thousand folds,” she added. 

Listening to her inspiring answers delivered with so much grace, it’s easy to see her potential to become a beauty queen. When told about this, Anji had a very exciting response: “Maybe. Secret. Sa takdang panahon, malalaman natin.”

“Takdang panahon” – housemates hear this a lot from Big Brother. And Anji, having stayed in the house for months, now understands what it truly means, explained by comparing life to a GPS. “Ito ako tapos doon ‘yung destination ko, may mga times talaga na ire-reroute tayo o mag-ro-wrong turn tayo pero i-re-reroute pa rin tayo pabalik doon sa destinasyon natin,” she said. Part of the detour was losing in Idol Philippines but only to win big in PBB.

To cap it off, Anji went through some questions submitted by fans on Twitter. The first one asked her preferred actress should her life story be featured in Maalaala Mo Kaya. Anji said she’d trust the program’s choice, or maybe someone she has a connection with.

Asked about the hardest decision she made, she answered, “That hardest decision na sobrang nahirapan ako gawin is to hurt someone so that they would learn and step up. ‘Yun ang pinakamahirap kasi I really do value relationships, sa friendships, the bond.”

The first people she called after the Big Night was her family in Siargao. She also reacted to her PBB OOTD shots compiled by the fans.

Check out the video and be inspired by our newest Big Winner!