PBB Stay-at-Home Edition Fumiya spend time with family in Japan

Fumiya Sankai, Pinoy Big Brother Otso 5th Big Placer and Make It With You cast member, appeared once more on PBB for the reality show’s meaningful and significant Stay At Home edition.

Big Brother patched with Fumiya via livestream video chat to ask how the Konnichi-Wonder Vlogger ng Japan is doing amidst the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis.

Fumiya, who was delighted to hear Kuya’s voice once more, said he was okay staying at his home in Japan after leaving for his home country since the coronavirus outbreak gripped the Philippines forcing areas to undergo strict enhanced community quarantine.

In this video, Fumiya told Big Brother that now he has more time to spend with his family, which he was unable to do the past year since joining PBB Otso and launching a local showbiz career.

Fumiya said he enjoys “chicka chicka” with his father and brothers, sharing quality bonding time.

He also shared spending his birthday with his family in Japan, which he said was very memorable.

“Eat cake together with family,” he said, as he recalled celebrating his birthday in the Big Brother house in 2019, wherein his father surprised him also with a cake he shared with his fellow housemates.

Kuya then imparted those important “Big 4” Tips in staying clean during the quarantine, which Fumiya found helpful—from avoiding physical contact and washing hands regularly to keeping hands away from eyes, nose, and mouth to cleaning the house regularly with disinfectant.

Fumiya then thanked Big Brother for remembering him and said he would keep all those valuable pointers in mind.

Catch more of the heartwarming and amusing conversation between Fumiya and Kuya in this PBB Stay-at- Home video.