Big Brother’s at home tasks for his PBB Otso ex-housemates

How are you spending your time quarantined at home? Aside from eating and sleeping, it is important that we stay as active and productive as possible. You can try improving a skill or learning a new one. If you are having trouble figuring out what to do, then Big Brother has a couple of suggestions for you!

Kuya tasked his Pinoy Big Brother Otso ex-housemates to create a video or challenge that Kapamilyas can try at home. Here are their at home projects!



Mae Alfante from Batch 4 Adults made a tutorial on how to make a face mask using an old handkerchief and two rubber bands. This is extremely helpful since there is a shortage of facemasks. All you have to do is fold the handkerchief in half and then fold the edges inward. Then run this folded handkerchief through the two rubber bands to create three sections. Lastly, fold in the outer sections to secure the rubber bands in place. “Always wear a mask kung aalis ka ng bahay or lalabas ka,” Mae reminded.

If this DIY facemask is too easy, then you can try making a face shield. Just follow these steps by Gian Wang from Batch 1 Teens. You will need a strip of foam, garter, acetate paper, double sided tape, as well as other basic tools like a stapler, cutter, ruler, and scissors. First, you should cut off the corners on one side. This is to prevent the acetate paper from poking your chest when you wear the face shield. Next, attached the foam on the other side of the acetate paper. Lastly, staple the ends of the garter to the ends of the foam.

Although, it is not enough to just protect yourself on the outside. You should also take care of your insides. This means staying healthy and helping boost your immune system. Diana Mackey from Batch 4 Adults prepared a recipe for ginger and turmeric tea that you can try. Simply boil together some water and grated ginger. After around 15 minutes, add a teaspoon of turmeric powder and some honey for sweetness to your ginger water. “Super simple lang but kayang kaya n’yong gawin sa bahay and very healthy pa,” Diana said.

If you do not have any turmeric powder in your pantry, Aljon Mendoza from Batch 1 Teens suggests lemon water which is also good for your body but is much easier to make. All you need is to slice a piece of lemon and then add it to a pitcher of water. Calamansi, dalandan, and other citrusy fruits works too. “Sobrang healthy nang hindi gumagastos nang malaki,” he said.



Another activity that can keep you busy these days is dancing. Reign Parani from Batch 1 Teens decided to improve her skill in freestyling. She highly encourages you to step outside of your comfort zone as well. Angela Tungol from Batch 3 Teens showed off her favorite dance moves. This is her form of exercise when she is too lazy to actually work out. “Sobrang simple lang and puwede niyo pa siyang i-apply sa kahit anong tugtog,” she added.

Meanwhile, Camille Sandel from Batch 2 Adults came up with a Zumba routine that will help you break a sweat as well as remind you of some rules to fight COVID-19. There is the social distancing move, the hand wash move, and even the coughing etiquette move.

Which of these at home challenges are you excited to try?