PBB Otso Daily Update: Meet the Boys of Teen Star Dreamers Batch 2

Now that the girl Star Dreamers of the Batch 2 of Pinoy Big Brother Otso have already accomplished the challenges given to them, it's now time for the boys to take over the Big Island Adventure.

WATCH: Angela at Sheena, nagkwento tungkol sa kanilang pamilya

But before completely living the Camantelis Island that used to be their habitat in the previous days, the eight ladies had the chance to get to know one another through the surprise show and tell they had on their last night, in which they presented the surprise gifts and read the letters bestowed to them by their respective families.
The first one to share what she got was Angela Tungol who received a gold necklace as a debut gift from her family. Sheena Catacutan was second, who received a highlighter from her make-up junkie mom. 

WATCH: Shami at Narcy, emosyonal nang basahin ang sulat ng kanilang pamilya

Succeeding them were Shami Baltazar, who presented the dainty bracelet personally crafted by her mom, and Narcy Esguerra, who burst into tears upon the sight of the cuddly white teddy bear which was a gift from her parents when she was still seven years old.

WATCH: Yen at Ashley, naluha sa sulat ng kanilang pamilya

Next up were Yen Quirante and Ashley Del Mundo who weren't able to hold back their emotions as they pulled out the gifts they received.

The former got the T-shirt she and her older sister used to fight about, while the latter got a precious trinket from her dad.

WATCH: Kyzha at Gwen, naging emosyonal sa sulat ng kanilang pamilya

Lastly, Kyzha Villalino and Gwen Apuli both excitedly showed the presents they received from their moms -- a bottle of perfume and a pair of earrings respectively -- then cried upon reading their touching letters. 

WATCH: Girl Star Dreamers, nakuha na ang big key ni Kuya

The next morning, the Girl Star Dreamers woke up before the sun rose to prepare for their departure to Governor's Island, where the Big Key was kept.

As they arrived in the island, host Robi Domingo welcomed and surprised them with the surprise appearance of PBB alumna and now host Kim Chiu. She recalled how the same island became a part of her journey as a housemate of the first-ever edition of PBB Teens, in which she emerged as the Big Winner.

She instructed them to proceed to treasure chest found on the resort’s view deck and claim their sought-after Big Key! 

WATCH: Girl Star Dreamers, umalis na ng isla ni Kuya

Robi and Kim then sent them off by telling them that their next meeting will be in front of the PBB house during the announcement of their batch's first set of official housemates and having a warm group hug with them.

WATCH: Meet Mich - German Wunder Boy ng Leyte

As we temporarily bade the girls goodbye, it was time for us to say hello to the eight dashing dudes who will surely take our breaths away with their swooning looks and captivating personalities.

First off was half-Filipino, half-German Mich Wunder who lives a simple life with his family in Leyte. Despite not being able to spend more time with his German biological dad after succumbing to leukemia when he was still 1 1/2 years old, his German stepdad has succeeded in filling the void he left and treats the "German Wunder Boy of Leyte” as his own. 

WATCH: Meet Shoichi - Responsableng Son ng Japan

Another Japanese-blooded cutie is yet to capture our hearts as the Filipino-Japanese Shoichi Oka becomes a Star Dreamer. As his family faces financial difficulties after his Japanese dad got sick, the "Responsableng Rising Son of Japan" decided to step up and worked as a part-time pre-school teacher. Aside from supporting his family, he also considers PBB as a way to attain his far-fetched dream of becoming an actor in the Philippines. 

WATCH: Meet Jem - Fantacoustic Cabalen ng Pampanga

The house of Kuya or the Camp Star Hunt is certainly going to be filled with good music again as the "Fantacoustic Cabalen of Pampanga" Jem Macatuno joins the competition. He sees PBB not only as a way to help his family, but as an avenue to showcase his talents and music as well. 

WATCH: Meet Tan - Kulitisoy ng Davao

Another foreign-blooded contestant in this roster, the half-Pinoy, half-Dutch Tan Rocal is expected to bring good vibes either in PBB or Camp Star Hunt because of his undeniable charm and playfulness. Despite living away from his Dutch dad who's currently based in Netherlands, the "Kulitisoy of Davao" has still harnessed constant communication with him. 

WATCH: Meet Alfred - Promdi-livery boy ng Lucena

"Promdi-livery Boy of Lucena" Alfred Beruzil might probably not have a hard time in the future tasks they will be given as he already hurdled a lot of challenges in life at a young age. In order to help his family, he decided to work as a service crew, and now as an on-call delivery boy as he stays with a relative here in Manila. 

WATCH: Meet Batit - Boy Masigasig ng Nueva Ecija

Being the youngest in the family, Batit Espiritu still doesn't live a comfortable and care-free life as he had to temporarily stop his college education to for him to work full-time and help his family. Is PBB the grand opportunity the "Boy Masigasig of Nueva Ecija" has been waiting for? 

WATCH: Meet Emjay - Tripster Tropa ng Camarines Sur

A lot of people out there can certainly relate and be inspired at the same time with the story of the "Tripster Tropa of Camarines Sur" Emjay Savilla. From being a troublemaker who's always present in the guidance office of their school and had developed various vices at an early age, he found himself transformed into a decent dude after a sincere talk with his family. 

WATCH: Meet Lance - Capteen-Ball Cutie ng Davao

Many hearts will surely flutter with the athletic built and boy-next-door look of Lance Carr, the "Cap-teen Ball Cutie of Davao". Although he receives the full attention and love of his doting parents as a single child, he still feels indifferent as he yearns to prove everyone that he can be the best and not just the second after being a runner-up to the past contests he was in. 

WATCH: Kim, ipinaalam na ang hamon ng Boy Star Dreamers

As soon as the eight boys were comlete, Kim hung out with them to relay their task -- to find the Big Key that will open the PBB house by taking on the "Zip to the 8th Power". In this challenge, the Star Dreamers had to memorize eight three-digit numbers aligned on the sea which when added will be equal to the pass code of the lock of the treasure chest containing the first map piece that will lead them to the location of the Big Key and three solar lamps from Liter of Light.

Are the Boy Star Dreamers going to succeed on their first task? Let's find out by watching the next episode of PBB Otso.