PBB Otso Daily Update: Yamyam loses to Mark in special challenge

After the terrible challenge that Kuya gave the remaining Pinoy Big Brother Otso housemates, in which Yamyam Gucong decided to battle it out with Mark Obera in a special task, the day they’ve been dreading had finally come.

PBB Otso Day 48: Yamyam at Mark, napaisip sa kanilang nalalapit na laban

Still in shock over what happened the night before, the two aforementioned housemates talked with their comrades separately about the possible repercussions of it and how determined they are to still win despite being pitted to one another. The “Iskulit Bai of Bohol” chose to be with his buddies Fumiya Sankai and Lou Yanong, while the “Incredible Itay of Compostella Valley” had a hearty conversation with his fellow former Star Dreamers Mary Grace Lagos, JC Gamez, and Hanie Jarrar.

PBB Otso Day 48: Mark at Yamyam, naghanda na sa kanilang tapatan

In spite of being opponents, the two just simply laughed it off as they packed their bags and prepared themselves for the challenge, and even wished each other ‘good luck’.

Afterwards, Big Brother discussed to them the special task, in which they had to transfer three balls one-by-one into an elevated container by transporting it into a transparent tube that could only be raised by pulling the strings attached to it with the use of their feet. The quickest one to accomplish it would be the winner.

PBB Otso Day 48: Mark at Yamyam, sumabak na sa unang tapatan ni Kuya

Both of them had a difficult time in doing the challenge, especially on their first attempt as they had to try various techniques, from standing to sitting and from slowly to swiftly, in order to get the groove and finish it.

PBB Otso Day 48: Fumiya, nakaramdam ng kaba para kay Yamyam

After the game, Kuya told the housemates to get ready for the supposed eviction of one of their comrades. They uttered their ‘thanks’, ‘goodbyes’, and parting messages to Yamyam and Mark, and vice versa, until everyone turned silent a few minutes prior to the announcement.

PBB Otso Day 48: Yamyam, pansamantalang nagpaalam sa bahay ni Kuya

In the end, the laughter brought by Yamyam were replaced by tears as host Toni Gonzaga announced that it was Mark who won the challenge and the former had to bid farewell to his housemates and in his journey in the competition.

It was revealed that Yamyam was able to finish the task in 36 minutes and three seconds, while Mark only got it in 14 minutes and 47 seconds.

PBB Otso Day 48: Fumiya, naluha sa paglabas ng bahay ni Yamyam

Among them, it was apparently his best friend Fumiya who was hurt the most over his supposed departure as he couldn’t stop crying even while his other housemates were comforting him. In his conversation with Big Brother, he told him how much Yamyam means to him, how much he has inspired him to continue for his and his brothers’ dreams, and how much he’ll definitely miss him now that they will not be together for a long time.

PBB Otso Day 48: Kuya, ipinaalam ang kapalaran ni Yamyam

While everyone thought that they lost another companion and watched Mark raise his banner on the flagpole in the garden area, Big Brother revealed to Yamyam inside the confession room that everything was just a part of his test to them and he is still an official housemate. However, he needs to stay in another place until Kuya’s “takdang panahon” and is included in the list of nominees for this week.

Now that his Pogi Spiritual Brother isn’t by his side, are we going to see any changes in Fumiya’s behavior? Also, who among the remaining housemates will muster enough courage to challenge his fellow? Let’s see by watching the next episodes of PBB Otso!