PBB Otso Daily Update: Adult Big 4 exit house, Batch 2 Teen housemates introduced

It was indeed an exciting Sunday evening for the avid spectators of Pinoy Big Brother Otso as we’re finally able to see the Adult Big 4 back in the outside world after almost three months of staying inside the house. They showed the world their genuine selves and capabilities as they bravely accepted the challenges Kuya had in store for them and as they get along with their housemates.

WATCH: Kuya, nagbigay ng mensahe sa Adult Big 4

Before their departure, the dignified house owner bade Lou Yanong, Andre Brouillette, Yamyam Gucong, and Fumiya Sankai farewell by uttering his touching messages to each of them while montages of their individual journeys in the competition were flashed on the screen.

He wished the Iskulit Bai of Bohol to “Patuloy kang maging inspirasyon sa lahat” while he reminded the Rampa Sister of Mandaluyong City to “Stand tall and proud with a beautiful heart”. For the Konnichi-wonder Vlogger of Japan, Big Brother bade him “Sayonara Akiramenaide” (which translates to “Goodbye [and] never give up”] while he wished the Amazing Alo-Hunk of Hawaii to “Keep on enjoying every adventure”.

They might not find out yet their standing in the Big Winner poll, but Kuya wanted them to “remember that he’s equally proud of the four of them.”

WATCH: Batch 2 Big Winner Official Tally Of Votes

Just like in the first batch of PBB Otso Teen Edition, the results for the first adult batch were not fully unveiled as host Bianca Gonzalez only showed to the public the percentages of the votes for each of the Big 4. Housemate A raked in more than half of the votes with 52.9%. He/She is succeeded by Housemate B with 27.87%, Housemate C with 15.21%, and Housemate D with 4.02%.

Meanwhile, host Alex Gonzaga kept the scroll containing the ranking of the adult Big 4 on the same secured vault as the teen Big 4’s.

WATCH: Adult Big 4, tuluyan nang lumabas ng bahay ni Kuya

As soon as they stepped back into the outside world, the Big 4 were welcomed by the deafening shrieks, loud cheers, and glowing smiles from their fervent supporters which made them seemingly shocked, overwhelmed, and joyous. Of course, Team L.A.Y.F. didn’t let the opportunity pass to thank them for the stoking and relentless support they’ve given them while inside the house.

Apart from welcoming the Adult Big 4 back, the new set of teen Star Dreamers to join the second batch of PBB Otso Teens were also introduced, starting off with the girls. However, instead of calling them up the stage and in front of the live audiences, host Robi Domingo talked to them one-by-one in one of the scenic, sandy islands of Hundred Islands, in Alaminos, Pangasinan with only a loved-one sending them off.

WATCH: Meet Angela - Hataw Hottie ng Bataan

First off was the “Hataw Hottie of Bataan” Angela Tungol, whose impressive talent in dancing was able to help her family in their financial needs. Her Mommy Evelyn was there to give her some moral boost.

 WATCH: Meet Yen - Palangiteen dreamer ng Camarines Sur

Fueled by her determination to get her family out of poverty, the 16-year-old Palangi-Teen Dreamer of Camarines Sur is about to try her fate as one of the aspiring housemates of Kuya.

WATCH: Meet Kyzha - Miss Palang-Ganda ng Cebu

Third was Miss Palang-Ganda of Cebu Khyza Villalino, who has to leave her responsibility as a doting big sister to her little brother for a while in order to achieve her dream of becoming a PBB housemate.

WATCH: Meet Shami - Miss Positivi-teen ng Davao del Norte

Amidst of the challenges she has experienced at a very young age, the Miss Positivi-Teen of Davao del Norte Shami Baltazar has remained optimistic and now enters the competition in pursuit of giving her family a good life.

WATCH: Meet Ashley - Adventurous angel ng Australia

Despite the break-up of her parents, the Adventurous Angel of Australia Ashley del Mundo is still able to keep her strong connections towards them. But, is she going to successfully create connections with her fellow Star Dreamers as well even though she only knows a few Filipino words? Let’s see.

WATCH: Meet Narcy - Munting bi-tween ng Laguna

She may be the youngest Star Dreamer of this roster at age 13, but the Munting Bi-Tween of Laguna Narcy Esguerra is presumably set to not only make her dreams come true by joining PBB, but to spread laughter and good vibes inside the house too!

WATCH: Meet Gwen - Beautiful bunso-weetie ng Albay

Amidst the challenges and troubles their family went through in the past years from the sudden demise of their patriarch up to the devastation Typhoon Reming brought in 2006, the Beautiful Bunso-weetie of Albay has remained positive because of the overflowing affection from her beloved mom and her four older brothers.

WATCH: Meet Sheena - Dance-irella ng Isabela

Just like the other Star Dreamers, the Dance-Irella of Isabela Sheena Catacutan also came from a broken family after her dad left him when she was still a baby. However, it didn’t serve as a hindrance for her to attain her dreams and live a good life as a part of a dance crew. Is her star going to shine bright like her celebrity look-a-like Sarah Geronimo?

WATCH: Meet the Batch 2 Boy Teen Housemates

The Batch 2 Boy Teen Star Dreamers, on the other hand, are yet to be named in the next episode/s. 

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