PBB Otso Daily Update: Star Dreamers dominate second round of Pinoy Big Battle

After showing off their dexterity in disassembling and assembling a rifle on the first round of the Pinoy Big Battle that brought them the initial advantage, the Pinoy Big Brother Otso adult housemates faced their first loss as their opponents – the Star Dreamers – defeated them in the second round of the competition

PBB Otso Day 59: Shawntel at Thea, tinanggap ang hamon ni Kuya

In last night’s episode, it was revealed that Kuya told Thea Rizaldo and Shawntel Cruz in their first chat that since the Camp Star Hunt would be outnumbered in the upcoming Big Battle, one of them had to fight for their ex-fellows. Whoever is it going to be will be known at the right time, but they were reminded that whoever will be included in the losing is going to be automatically nominated by the end of the week.

PBB Otso Day 59: Housemates, masaya sa kanilang unang panalo laban sa Star Dreamers

As soon as they went back to the house after their triumph on the pilot round, the housemates ate dinner together and were asked by their lead tactical officer Major Louzel L. Lara, PA how they feel after winning and being pushed by the trainors beyond their limits. The housemates said they were thankful and proud and vowed to never give up and stay determined, disciplined, and dedicated.

On the other hand, Major Lara also expressed the pride she felt for them and reminded them to always move in snap.

PBB Otso Day 59: Shawntel, napagalitan nang magpaalam uminom ng tubig

Since it’s a new day of their training, Shawntel replaced class marcher Fumiya Sankai. Everything was going well in their warm-up exercises until she was reprimanded by Major Lara and another training officer for being selfish after only asking their permission for herself to drink water. Thus, they were punished to do push-ups.

PBB Otso Day 59: Housemates, sumabak sa first aid training

Supervised by Officer Bagaipo and Technical Sergeant Leo Prado, the housemates underwent first-aid training, in which they were taught various methods of tying bandages that can be used for the different parts of the body.

PBB Otso Day 59: Shawntel, nahirapan sa kanilang survival training

Afterwards, they went through the survival training wherein the officers lectured them on carrying methods that they could use in various situations. Once more, Shawntel received scolding from Major Lara because of failing to demonstrate what they were taught.

PBB Otso Day 59: Housemates at Star Dreamers, nagharap sa second big battle ni Kuya

For Game 2 of the Big Battle, the housemates and the Star Dreamers once again assembled in the activity area wherein they had to demonstrate what they had learned from their first-aid and survival training.

In this round, each group should have three injured personnel, two of which were chosen by their troop while the other one was picked by the opposing team. For the housemates, they were Shawntel, Thea, and Mark, while for the Star Dreamers, they were Camille Sandel, Grace Abrugar, and Celebrity Star Player Aljur Abrenica. However, aside from ensuring that their demonstrations were accurate, Kuya put a twist in this challenge by only allowing them to step on the eight illustration boards going to the safety zone.

For the first two portions, each team already got one point each after the Star Dreamers won on the first while the housemates on the second.

PBB Otso Day 59: Star Dreamers, panalo sa second big battle ni Kuya

The Star Dreamers swept all the points in the last two portions of the game as the housemates failed to outdo them in performing the specified situations and in going to the safety zone. Thus, the housemates were dejected.

PBB Otso Day 59: Housemates, nagbigay ng papuri sa mga sundalo ng Pilipinas

However, instead of instilling their loss, Major Lara cheered them up by telling them that they lost nothing but actually gained from their defeat.

“Alam mo ‘yong masakit? ‘Yong feeling of defeat. ‘Yon ang masakit ‘di ba?” she began. “Ngayon, namnamin ninyo ‘yan. Feel the pain of defeat and accept it kasi sa buhay natin, makakaramdam talaga tayo ng defeat. This incident, itong nangyari na ito, hindi ito talo kundi lessons learned.”

In return, the housemates expressed their thoughts, gratitude, and pride to all the lessons and efforts their training officers relayed to them and how they highly respect the Armed Forced of the Philippines – the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force – and thank them for all their sacrifices to the country.

Then, an authorized group hug ensued.

Who will dominate in the Pinoy Big Battle? Who between Thea and Shawntel will be picked to go against the housemates and fight with their previous fellow Star Dreamers? Let’s all find out by watching the next episodes of Pinoy Big Brother Otso.