Facts we don’t know about PBB Otso Adult Housemates

It’s been almost a month since we met the first set of adult housemates for the Otso season of Pinoy Big Brother. We’re now slowly getting to know each one of them and their life stories through their hearty conversations, how they interact with their fellow housemates, how they behave inside the house, and how their exchanges with Kuya transpire inside the confession room.

As three of them are in the brink of eviction, since paternal siblings Apey and Mark Obera are declared as 2-in-1 housemates, let’s get to know them even further through the following videos in which everyone divulged facts about themselves the viewers and their followers probably don’t know about them.

Fumiya Sankai

Amazingly, this full-blooded Japanese vlogger has won the hearts of many Filipinos in the outside world because of the video blogs he posted on his YouTube channel that shows how he immerse himself with ordinary Pinoys to learn about our daily living, culture, and traditions. Seemingly, one of the things the “Konichi-Wonder Vlogger from Japan” picked up from his encounters is the popular Tagalog songs and even let us hear his version of Ex Battalion’s “Hayaan Mo Sila”.

Apart from that, the first-ever pure Japanese to enter the house also revealed his penchant for spicy food and Pinoy dish caldereta and his disgust on any kind of fruits. He’s also addicted in watching videos online and loves to play basketball, particularly freestyle. And if you find him cute, you might probably like to see his brothers Yuya and Shunya!

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Yamyam Gucong

The resident clown of this batch, who makes our tummies ache with his hilarious statements and funny shenanigans alongside his constant buddy Fumiya, proudly shared that he is a fan of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil’s loveteam and actually looks forward on seeing them in person.

Moreover, the courageous “Iskulit Bai from Bohol” divulged that he’s an excessive eater and a sleepyhead. He’s also inclined with music and sports, especially volleyball, basketball, and sepak takraw, and dreams of setting his foot in Boracay and Baguio.

Apart from giving his family a better life, he’s reason for joining PBB is to achieve his dream of becoming an artist because he wanted to be seen on TV and make people happy at the same time. You’re actually doing a good job, Yamyam!

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Abi Kassem

In this video, the 20-year-old “Kolehiyala Cutie from Isabela” proved that there’s more to her than meets the eye. She doesn’t only possess a smiting beauty, but she’s also talented and brainy. She confessed being so fond of reading books and riding her bike and being skilled in drawing and painting as she enrolled herself in a graphic design class while in Lebanon.

The Filipino-Lebanese school girl also relayed that she never goes to bed at night without drinking milk and how lazy people irks her. While there’s an adage that says, “third time’s a charm”, it only took her two auditions to finally become an official housemate of PBB. Believe it or not, her beauty has only graced two beauty pageants before entering the reality show.

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Lou Yanong

She might have a slender physique and a height that’s truly athletic, but this 21-year-old professional model revealed that she actually doesn’t do any sports, which probably made some of us wonder how she’s able to maintain her beautiful body. However, what make us more shookt is her confession of being a certified NBSB, or “No Boyfriend Since Birth”.

Aside from these, here are the other things about her that you probably don’t know yet:

She’s been modelling since age 7, and became professional when she was 14. Perhaps, this is the reason why she has develop intense fervor on doing her own makeup. Furthermore, she also loves binatog (a Pinoy streetfood made up of boiled corn kernels), painting, and traveling.

Although she can rock the runway, Lou revealed that she can’t slay on the dance floor for she tags herself a frustrated dancer and can’t even flawlessly follow a single routine.

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Wakim Regalado

The “Gifted Go-Getter of Iloilo” has suffered from several medical conditions and almost died in his younger years. He talked about having no tonsils after undergoing tonsillectomy twice, being diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) at six years old, and almost succumbing to an infectious disease when he was 4. But the 19-year-old student indeed has an incredible fighting spirit which he displayed in during the Star Hunt auditions.

Not all of us probably know, but Wakim almost didn’t make it to the final cut of this edition after failing to receive a star from Direk Lauren Dyogi in the first round of the Star Hunt auditions. Fortunately, he was given a second chance and was even picked to be one of the official Otso housemates.

Coming from a family of achievers, not to mention that both his parents are lawyers, he tried to keep pace with them by engaging in various academic and extra-curricular activities. He finished his secondary education in the Western Visayas branch of Philippine Science High School and formerly took voice lessons back in Iloilo alongside PBB Teen Edition 4 Big Winner Myrtle Sarrosa.

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Andre Brouillette

Aside from his swooning looks, you’ll probably be amazed upon finding out the other unbelievable things that the 21-year-old “Amazing Alo-Hunk from Hawaii” could do. Did you know that he’s the one who cuts his own hair after working as a barber in Hawaii for three years? Plus, he could easily topple anyone down for he used to be a sumo wrestler in Japan.

His other shocking revelations were – he loves vinegar, he bought his first own car, he only uses his towel once, he is an outdoor person, he is allergic to dust, and he used to be afraid of heights when he was younger but has conquered it now.

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Apey Obera

In this video, the palaban 22-year-old “Binibining Daldal of General Santos City” unraveled one of her deeply kept secrets – she has a huge birthmark which she considers as her lucky charm.

Besides, some of her other surprising and funny admissions are the following:

In her younger years, she thought that spaghetti was supposed to be cold since their neighbors usually gave them their leftovers. She loves to eat any spicy food and fried chicken and has penchant in singing and dancing (as what she had said, “di kagalingan pero may laban!”). Meanwhile, when it comes to the things she hates, messy places annoys her and she doesn’t like getting hurt.

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Mark Obera

The 34-year-old “Incredible Itay of Compostela Valley” is undeniably unbelievable as he enumerated the things he could do and the jobs he currently juggles – he’s a Wushu player and a wrestling trainer, a tile setter, a carpentry and masonry teacher, an engineer, a self-proclaimed NGO, and a strict but fair teacher who totally abhors bullies.

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Mitch Talao

This awesome Trans Mama of Lucena, Quezon takes pride not only as a member of the LGBT community, but also in not giving up from her dream of becoming an official housemate of PBB by imparting that she auditioned for it five times before making it to the final cut.

Apart from these, she also shared some of her notable habits and her favorites.

She’s an excessive yet slow eater and it takes her so much time taking a bath. She loves to go shopping and eat anything sour. Pink is her favorite color while kinilaw is her favorite food.

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Which revelation/s shocked and delighted you the most?