Kapamilya Confessions with PBB Otso evictees Josh, Criza, Art & Aljon

Ever since it started a more than a month ago, many of us are seemed absolutely engrossed with the newest edition of the most successful and longest-running reality show on local television -- Pinoy Big Brother: Otso -- as we fervently follow how the official housemates and even the Star Dreamers would fare in the competition.
It introduced us to a total of 20 teenagers from different walks of life and different parts of the globe, who inspired us with their anecdotes and amazed us with their diverse personalities and incredible talents.

While we enjoy seeing them hanging out and accomplishing every task together, some of us catch ourselves getting affected (or even emotional) with the celebr8ty challenges and the results of the nominations and evictions as we somehow developed attachment with them, especially with our bets, as we let them take part in our primetime viewing.

Since it's been more than a month since the last time we saw them in the program, let's check out what's cooking for ex-housemates Josh Worsley, Art Guma, Criza Ta-a, and Aljon Mendoza (who is obviously back, but as one of the Star Dreamers-slash-House Players) and get to know them even more through their stints in Kapamilya Confessions.

Josh Worsley


Being the first housemate to get evicted, his supporters probably miss the "Little Prince of Davao". Since he only stayed for a week, we weren't able to be fully acquainted with him and this game was just so appropriate.
Just like what we often do to our foreigner friends, we tested his knowledge and fluency in Tagalog through a few cliché tongue twisters, such as "Nakakapagpabagabag" and "Ang relo ni Leroy ay Rolex" (we're you able to nail these?).

He then proceeded to responding to the questions from the netizens about his personal life and his PBB experience.

Criza Ta-a


The most controversial housemate of all, the "Apo of the Eye of Quezon City" still displayed her genuine attitude as she took on the "Mukha Mo, Confess Ko", wherein she disclosed her comments regarding her former housemates and her advice to herself.

She also willingly imparted her unforgettable experiences as a housemate -- such as her greatest struggles inside the house and the three lessons she learned during her stay -- and other things we might want to know about her, such as the first thing she did and ate as soon as she stepped into the outside world, her ultimate Christmas wish, and her ambition as she grows old. 

Art Guma


His stint might be the longest, but there was indeed no dull moment as the "Bae-ral Gwapito of Davao" made it worthwhile because of his enthusiasm in answering to the questions sent by the netizens.

Being a ball of energy inside and outside the house, he amused us with his witty yet heartfelt messages to his ex-housemates and himself in the "Mukha Mo, Confess Ko", where he imparted how much he misses each one of them.

He even generously shared the letter written for him by the admins of his fans club League of ARTfinities and even heeded to the request for him to sing, as he sang Shawn Mendes' "Stitches".

Aljon Mendoza

Before returning to the show as a Star Dreamer, this "Shy Charmer from Pampanga" thrilled his ardent supporters through his appearance on the online segment.

Just like his fellow evictees, he also took on the "Mukha Mo, Confess Ko" to which he was able to share his remarks and messages to his former housemates. He might not be an excellent singer, but he still granted the request of a netizen for him to sing and belted out Ed Sheeran's "Dive".

But what made his stint extra kilig, particularly for the followers of his teamup with housemate Karina Bautista, was his frequent mentioning of her name in almost every question he picked.

As the latest happenings inside the house gets more exciting everyday,  never miss an episode of PBB Otso weeknights after Halik and weekends at 7:30pm, and of PBB Otso: Gold weekdays after Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Los Bastardos