PBB Otso Daily Update: Andre and Lou’s on-air kiss shocks housemates

The March 5 episode of Pinoy Big Brother Otso, marked with the hashtag #PBB8TheKiss, indeed sparked tumultuous reactions and created a hullabaloo in the social media sphere as netizens aired out their opinions regarding the controversial pool party of the housemates that happened after their grueling special task and prior to the eviction night last Sunday.

PBB Otso Day 54: Kuya, binigyan ng pool party ang mga housemates

As a way of rewarding the housemates for their hard work and courage in facing the task, and as a way of suppressing their jitters before the dreaded 5th eviction night, Kuya gave them a surprise swimming party and allowed them to spend the whole afternoon and night drinking booze and having fun without restrictions.

PBB Otso Day 54: Housemates, nagkatuwaan sa spin the bottle game

As the night got deeper, the housemates were enjoying their bond more, especially when they decided to play different parlor games, such as the ever-favorite spin-the-bottle wherein everyone picked “dare” rather than “truth”.

PBB Otso Day 54: Andre at Hanie, nalasing sa party ni Kuya


But among them, Andre Brouillette and Hanie Jarrar were apparently the most intoxicated as they both fell from the bench they’re sitting at and was joined by Lou Yanong. And this was the part when everything between the rumored couple got sweeter and more sensual.


PBB Otso Day 54: Housemates, nabahala sa halikan nina Andre at Lou

Their incessant kisses totally shocked and piqued their housemates, who couldn’t help but talk about it discreetly and relayed their thoughts to Big Brother inside the confession room.

PBB Otso Day 54: Housemates, nagulat sa nangyari sa party kina Andre at Lou

As Lou and Andre went inside, the other housemates, sans Hanie, still discussed the appalling scenes they just witnessed and shared their sentiments about what the two did. Unanimously, it was not okay with them, agreeing that even if they’re already adults, they are not officially together yet, hence their actions were wrong and they’d gone out of control.

PBB Otso Day 54: Fumiya, napatanong sa relasyon nina Andre at Lou

After the party, the sober housemates tucked Lou and Andre to bed and altogether cleaned the venue. But their kissing scenes still lingered on their minds, especially Fumiya Sankai who appeared befuddled with culture shock in his conversations with eldest housemates Mary Grace Lagos and Mark Obera, since people in his native Japan don’t show such intimacy in public.

PBB Otso Day 54: Lou, napaisip sa sasabihin ng kanyang pamilya

Upon waking up the next day, the housemates talked about what happened the night before, with the “Konichi-Wonder Vlogger of Japan” approaching the “Amazing Alo-Hunk of Hawaii” to propose a talk with him.

On the other hand, Lou jestingly imparted to Yamyam Gucong and Mary Grace that her father will surely reprimand her once they meet again in the outside world and uttered her apologies for how she and Andre behaved.

She also had a serious chat with Kuya, in which she related to him how her family would probably react and said sorry. Besides, she willingly recalled the past romantic affairs she had prior to joining PBB and noted what makes Andre different from the other men she dated.

PBB Otso Day 54: Fumiya, sinabihan si Andre sa kanyang inasal sa party

Meanwhile, Fumiya immediately confronted his best friend Andre and reiterated to him everything they witnessed between him and Lou the night before. He also him how he and the other housemates felt about it. This made Andre feel embarrassed and apologetic for whatever mischievous deed they did during the party.

PBB Otso Day 54: Kuya, nilinaw ang nararamdaman nina Andre at Lou

Afterwards, Andre and Lou had a heart-to-heart conversation, in which the former apologized to the latter for letting things get out of hand and for not being able to control himself. The “Rampa Sister of Mandaluyong City” also had a small talk with her another buddy in the house, Yamyam.

At the same time, Big Brother also talked to the both of them separately and advised them regarding their unmistakable tight bond and in every action and decision they make inside the house.

Will this issue affect the bond of the housemates? What new task awaits the housemates in their another week inside the house? Don’t miss the next episodes of PBB Otso!