PBB Otso Daily Update: Batch 2 Girl Teen Star Dreamers begin journey

As the first adult edition of Pinoy Big Brother Otso came to a close, the journey of the second batch of teen Star Dreamers is just getting started. The eight girl contestants were already unraveled on the same night that the Adult Big 4 Andre Brouillette, Fumiya Sankai, Lou Yanong, and Yamyam Gucong went back to the outside world last Sunday, and this week, we’re about to witness how they’ll fare in the initial challenges prior to entering the famous yellow house.

WATCH: Angela, Yen, Kyzha at Shami, humarap sa hamon papuntang isla

Unlike the two past editions of the eighth season of the reality show, the aspiring housemates had to kick-off their stint by staying in the picturesque Hundred Islands, Pangasinan and do several tasks host Robi Domingo would relay to them.

After introducing themselves to one another, the first half of the female Star Dreamers Angela Tungol, Yen Quirante, Khyza Villalino, and Shami Baltazar were tasked to gather all the articles they would might need from the items scattered on the shore and bring those along with them in their transfer to Camantelis Island.

WATCH: Angela, nanguna sa pagtatayo ng kanilang tent

As soon as they arrived, they immediately read the task letter and proceeded on building their tent, as spearheaded by Angela who imparted having experience in doing it. 

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On the other hand, the second half of the girl Star Dreamers that included Ashley del Mundo, Narcy Esguerra, Gwen Apuli, and Sheena Catacutan also took on the same initial challenge Robi gave the first four before heading on to the Camantelis Island.

WATCH: Angela, Yen, Kyzha at Shami, namoblema sa paggawa ng apoy

While constructing the tent was a breeze for them, the four Star Dreamers had a hard time creating fire through the flint and steel they found dangling from one of the trees. They took turns in trying to produce fire until Shami finally made it and boiled the eggs and sweet potatoes provided for them.

After eating, they proceeded on fixing their shed and their personal belongings in their respective tents.

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While they’re resting, the boat containing the other four female Star Dreamers arrived and they warmly welcomed them. The eight apparently clicked easily as they get to know each other and exchanged banters.

WATCH: Robi, ipinaalam ang unang challenge ng Girls

And for their first-ever challenge, the Star Dreamers had to fill four containers with salt water by passing on the pail of water to one another until it reaches the person on the last platform. 

If they’re going to succeed in this challenge, they would be given three solar lamp made non-government organization Liter of Light and a piece of the map that will point them the location of the key to open the locked PBB house. Once they accomplish it before the grains of the hourglass run out, they will receive a pot of rice and extra viands.

WATCH: Girl Star Dreamers, panalo sa kanilang unang challenge

Despite the difficulty of the task, the Star Dreamers were still able to win because of the perseverance, gumptiousness, and cooperation they exhibited. In the end, they didn’t only get a piece of the map and the three solar lamps, but extra food as well.

 WATCH: Girl Star Dreamers, nagsalo sa kanilang unang hapunan sa isla

At night, they feasted on the simple dinner Yen cooked for all of them.

What challenges await the Star Dreamers on the second day of their island adventure? Find out by watching the next episode of PBB Otso!