PBB Otso Daily Update: Housemates hurdle second round of Big Jump Challenge

During the first round of PBB Big Jump challenge, three pairs of housemates finished strong, while the losing pair consisting of Yamyam Gucong and Fumiya Sankai, had to make a very important decision which was to choose who between them gets to move to the next round. The two became really emotional as they both wanted to move on to the second round together. However, in the end, Fumiya decided to be nominated and Yamyam was the one who moved to the second round of the Big Jump challenge.

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For the second round, the housemates were tasked to build a three-layer block tower using only their feet. The blocks should not fall down but in case that happens, they will bring them back to its starting position. Housemates who will finish within the shortest time possible will proceed to the Final Big Jump challenge and will have the chance to be included in the Big Four.

All of them were eager to succeed with this challenge. Shawntel Cruz said that she has to ready her mind and her strategies and strengths. Meanwhile, Andre Brouillette said that knowing they have to put their family pictures on top of the three-layer block tower, it would definitely motivate them to do the challenge. “It’s a good reminder of what we’re fighting for,” he added. While all of them were busy stretching, Fumiya did something funny to his best friend Yamyam. He brought an air freshener outside just to spray it to Yamyam’s feet because he felt like his best friend needed it.

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The girls were the first who did the challenge. At first, it seemed like it was easy for them to transfer the first blocks. But later, it got harder and harder.

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Lou’s seventh block even got outside of the circle and fell on the floor. Meanwhile, Thea Rizaldo’s strategy was to slowly but surely transfer the blocks. She kept on reminding herself to just stay calm. As opposed to Thea, Shawntel felt her legs were shaking when she was building the second layer of her tower. On the other hand, Camille Sandel was having a hard time fixing her blocks because they would always shake and fall. And while everyone was about to be finished with the last layer, Camille’s blocks fell down again. When Thea completed the task, she admitted that what helped her were three things: calmness, focus, and determination. Plus, the photo of her family was a big factor and served as her inspiration all throughout the challenge. Same thing with Lou Yanong. It’s her family that kept her going and it has always been her family who was her motivation and inspiration in everything that she does. Shawntel and Camille also successfully finished the challenge.

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When it was the boys’ turn for the big challenge, they had also different strategies.

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Andre, for instance, chose to knock the tower first and transfer as many blocks as he could across the flat surface. Meanwhile, Kim decided to be more careful in knocking down the blocks. Andre was the first to finish the first layer. And while Andre was working on his second layer already, Kim was just starting to form the first layer of his tower. Yamyam also easily formed the first layer but when he proceeded to the second layer, he could already feel his legs shaking  but he didn’t mind and just still continued - same with how Kim felt when he was building the second layer. Andre easily finished building his tower but when he already placed the flat circle above it, one of the blocks from the topmost layer fell and went inside the tower so he had to get it and make sure that no other blocks will fall down. But in the end, the boys successfully built their towers and put their family pictures above it.

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But only three housemates got the chance to move on to the final round, with the winner set to grab the first slot in the Big Four. First who made it was Andre, finishing in a matter of 14 minutes and 42 seconds. The second housemate who made it within 10 minutes and 38 seconds was Lou. And the last who made it to the Final round of the Big Challenge was Yamyam who finished in just nine minutes and 13 seconds.

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Meanwhile, the House Challengers accepted once again a difficult task, which was the grilling or one-on-one hot seat interview with the Housemates. After reading the netizens’ opinions on social media, they started forming “hot questions” for the housemates. One of the opinions of the netizens was “Fumi Yamyam deretsohin niyo na si Lou, huwag yung pinag-uusapan niyo siya pag nakatalikod, nagmumukha kayong tsismosa, concerned naman kayo di ba.”

What are the other hot questions awaiting the housemates? How will Andre, Lou, and Yamyam fare in the final round of the Big Jump Challenge? Watch the succeeding episodes of Pinoy Big Brother Otso!