Pinoy Big Brother Otso’s four batches of Big 4s go Balik-To-Bahay!

Throughout the 14 years of the Pinoy Big Brother franchise, the current Otso season can be considered as the longest of all its editions for it has already been running for more than eight months now. But aside from its duration, what makes this season different from the previous ones is having four batches, which spawned to the relatively huge number of housemates that became part of the competition and to the declaration of four sets of Big 4.

Now that the four sets of Big 4 are finally complete after the Batch 4 concluded with Akie Poblete, Argel Saycon, Kiara Takahashi, and Wealand Ferrer as the Big 4, the four strongest housemates of each of the preceding batches face-off in the Balik-to-Bahay Ultimate Challenge, which already began through the week-long “salubong” to the comebacking housemates.

Every day, one pair of housemates from two different batches enters the house at the same time, who were being matched by the program’s electronic selector. However, before they were able to completely gain entrance to the house, the two housemates should accomplish the task given to them by Kuya.

WATCH: PBB Otso B2B Day 2: Fumiya, sumalang na sa hamon kasama ang Batch 4 Big 4

The first two housemates chosen to return to the house were Fumiya Sankai of #Batch2getherForever and Karina Bautista of #Batch1AndOnly, who were welcomed by Big Brother with a literally dazing task in exchange of the food items that they could share to everyone. They were attached to a roleta, wherein names of the eight food that they could get were pasted around them and the Batch 4 Big 4 had to hit using paintballs. They’re bestowed six tries for each of Fumiya and Karina and the Batch 4 Big 4 were also asked to take on the task. In the end, they were able to take home one kilo of beef, one kilo of hotdogs, and a pack of bacon.

WATCH: PBB Otso B2B Day 3: Tan at Yamyam, sumabak sa nakakatuwang hamon ni Kuya

Yamyam Gucong of #Batch2getherForever and Tan Roncal of #BatchUltimate3hreat were the second pair to do Balik-To-Bahay. They were greeted by Kuya with a hilarious and literally daring task, to which they had to swing their hips by the pendulum button without letting the red button on their skin-tone shorts be seen in the camera. It was tough, yet they were able to triumphantly finish it, and at the same time, bring something to their fellow housemates.

WATCH: PBB Otso B2B Day 3: Fumiya at Yamyam, panalo sa special task ni Kuya

Since they weren’t to get an ice cream during the first food task, Big Brother gave them a second chance to grab a tub of the dessert they fervently missed by giving the Pogi Spiritual Brothers Fumiya and Yamyam a special task. With the help of Batch 4 housemate Argel, they did the same challenge Yamyam and Tan did and they succeeded!

WATCH: PBB Otso B2B Day 4: Lie at Yen, sumabak na sa singing challenge ni Kuya

The third tandem to go back to the house were equally-loquacious and spirited Lie Reposposa of #Batch1AndOnly and Yen Quirante of #BatchUltimate3hreat, who considered themselves as “Beshie Twins”. Their Balik-To-Bahay began with them taking on the KAYAoke Challenge, in which they had to belt out their chosen song on the karaoke machine situated at the activity area as they chased the swinging microphone.

Both their performances, and even their duet, were able to exceed the 88 marker, enabling them to take three food items to their housemates.

WATCH: PBB Otso B2B Day 5: Andre at Jelay, hinarap ang unang hamon ni Kuya

#Batch2getherForever’s Andre Brouilette and #Batch1AndOnly’s Jelay Pilones were the fourth pair to re-enter and be challenged by Big Brother. In order to bring something to their housemates, the two had to transform into human refrigerators to which Yamyam, Fumiya, Tan, and Karina had to shoot the Frisbees while stepping on the circle with a food item written on it.

With their agility, gumptiousness, and perseverance, they were able to get all the eight food items within eight minutes!

WATCH: PBB Otso B2B Day 5: Kaori, muling nagbalik sa bahay ni Kuya

And yesterday, two housemates were again welcomed back to the house. First off was #Batch1AndOnly’s Kaori Oinuma, who bade farewell to the outside world through a brief stint in It’s Showtime. She was ecstatic to finally go back to the PBB house and was thrilled to be able to talk with Kuya again who she truly missed.

WATCH: PBB Otso B2B Day 5: Kuya, kinamusta ang experience ni Ashley sa labas ng bahay

A few hours after, #BatchUltimate3hreat’s Ashley del Mundo was ushered in by the hosts during the PBB Otso Gold. When asked regarding her attitude that her new housemates would surely admire about her, she told them that it would be her being approachable for she would never judge anyone regardless of where they came from or what they would say.

The last pair to go Balik-To-Bahay was #BatchUltimate3hreat’s Batit Espiritu and #Batch2getherForever’s Lou Yanong.


Are you excited as us to find out the next happenings in this awesome reunion and integration? You better not miss the last four weeks of Pinoy Big Brother Otso!