Why “Pasion de Amor” clicked more with Pinoy viewers than the original Colombian series
 2. Story
For Filipinos, an interesting story is something that provokes a surge of emotions. Emphatically, Pasion de Amor pulled it off. Instead of Livia committing suicide over Bernardo’s death in the original, the Filipino version had Livia brutally raped and murdered by Bernardo’s wife Gabriela was something that will surely have Filipinos’ eyes glued to the TV set every day until “justice” is done. The extended villain (Gabriel), who brings about devastation to both the Samontes and Elizondos in the end, is surely one other impeccable element that draws audience impassioned following. Hence, the most anticipated finale.


A story most identifiable to Pinoys are those that tackle themes that are life-changing and inspiring. The Samontes and Elizondos fighting it out for filial protection, Gabriela turning a new leaf despite her wrongdoings and the reality of love amid all the violence and chaos between the three couples are definitely impeccable themes Filipinos won’t take for granted.

4. Cast

While determining which lead cast among the two versions is more alluring and captivating is subject to passionate debate, Filipinos consider having an eyeful of Jake, Ejay, Joseph, Arci, Ellen, and Coleen in one scorching drama is enough for dedicated viewing for a long period of time. Most would rather marvel at recognizable Pinoy sexiness than just ogle at unreachable foreign physiques.
5.  Production Value

The visual treat does not end with camera shots of the hotties in the cast, it’s about enriching the entire scene with breathtaking elements, like impressive photography direction and production design that engages viewers with a familiar “look and feel.” Pasion de Amor satisfies this Filipino visual craving in teleseryes of late—having a gorgeous cinematic appeal.
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