Kapamilya Chat Elisse Match It Challenge

Elisse Joson is making waves as the feisty Hilary Abiog in the Kapamilya series “Pira-Pirasong Paraiso.” But in a recent episode of Kapamilya Chat, she traded her serious side for a playful twist, taking on the “Match It” Challenge. The game of fruity fun and instinct promised good vibes and surprises, proving that Elisse sure knows how to keep things entertaining.

The challenge was simple yet tricky – match the arrangement of one set of fruits with their counterparts hidden in a mystery box. Every mistake corresponds to a question.

In the first round, she almost flawlessly paired up the orange, apple, and banana. However, changing her mind led to a mix-up. She then picked a question as a consequence. The question she drew from the set of cards was, “Ano ang pinakamalalang nangyari na nasaktan ka nang pisikal?”

The Kapamilya actress said she hasn’t experienced getting hurt at work despite the ‘sampalan’ and ‘sabunutan’ scenes, as everyone’s professional and careful on the set. However, when she was still a student, she had this unforgettable altercation with a schoolmate, “Ewan ko ba! May nakasabunutan ako noong recess,” she admitted, laughing. “May pinanggalingan talaga si Hilary.”

Ending the second round with another slip-up, she was asked, “Sino ang tao na kapag kasama mo, feeling mo safe ka.” In a playful ‘pabebe’ tone, she replied, “Siyempre, sino pa ba? Kayo na manghula.” It doesn’t take a genius to know that she’s pertaining to her partner, “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo” star McCoy de Leon.

Play the video and join Elisse in the matching game!

Catch Elisse on the big screen as Felicity in “Mallari,” a horror film by Derick Cabrido. "Mallari" is one of the official entries in the 2023 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).