Elisse impresses Charlie and Joseph with her lato-lato skills in “Pira-Pirasong Puzzle with a Twist”

Pira-Pirasong Paraiso” stars Charlie Dizon, Joseph Marco, and Elisse Joson gave us a glimpse of how fun they are when together.

In this challenge called “Pira-Pirasong Puzzle with a Twist,” they must complete the puzzled version of their teleserye’s logo, but while playing lato-lato. First, Charlie got some tutorial from Elisse, who turned out to be a pro at this game.

“Parang nakailang practice ka na Elisse, ha!” said Charlie, to which Elisse replied, “Meron nito sa bahay.” Cute!

“Hindi ako magaling mag-multitask, teka lang!” Charlie exclaimed as the game begins. Meanwhile, Elisse got so engrossed in playing “lato-lato” than in completing the puzzle. Here comes Joseph to save the girls.

Play the video and find out if they succeeded in their task.