5 times Vlad showed care and compassion for Diana in “PIra-Pirasong Paraiso”

A quiet man like Vlad (Joseph Marco) might not wear his heart on his sleeve right away when in love, but his actions can tell a lot about his emotions for a special woman. In the Kapamilya drama “Pira-Pirasong Paraiso,” we sense that he is slowly falling for Diana (Charlie Dizon) even if he denies it and even if she’s oblivious to it. Here’s a Friday 5 compilation that reveals his true feelings for his former stepmom.

Avid viewers have witnessed how Vlad turned from being one of Diana’s haters to slowly treating her with warmth. In that scene where they got trapped inside the elevator in the La Madrid office, Vlad noticed that Diana doubted his concern when he handed her a handkerchief to wipe her sweat. Chalking it up to him and his mother Jacinda (Snooky Serna) selling company shares to Amanda (Maricel Soriano), who was then just revealed as the Paraiso sisters’ grandmother, Vlad explained that his actions were purely business. He said that one thing he learned from his late father Julius (Art Acuna), Diana’s ex-husband, is that business and personal life cannot co-exist.

Gone is the hint of anger that burns deep in Vlad’s eyes whenever he sees Diana in the office. Now, he stares at her a little longer than usual and speaks compassion through his eyes. That’s what we saw when he returned the bracelet that she accidentally dropped while rummaging through her bag. Jacinda watched her son turn soft toward Diana, and later on warned him about her possible scheme. She said malicious things about her. But you’d know Vlad was in love when he didn’t listen to his mom’s allegations.

And he was surprisingly concerned when he found Diana alone, crying, during an occasion. He offered comforting words as she opened up about her desire to forgive Amanda despite her bitterness.

When Diana was imprisoned for allegedly murdering her grandma, Vlad was among those who wanted to vouch for her innocence, even if it meant betraying his mother. After Diana’s release, he made a way to help her get back to work. However, Diana insisted that she wants to love herself first and focus on what she can do alone to make herself proud. His eyes lingered on her as she talked. And the look in his eyes was telling that he’s admiring her more for her strength and conviction.

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