Charlie & Alexa Pira-Pirasong Paraiso

Teleserye enthusiasts love confrontation extravaganza, especially when the spicy exchange unlocks a revelation that turns the characters’ worlds upside down. We get tons of delicious face-off scenes in “Pira-Pirasong Paraiso,” such as those of Diana (Charlie Dizon) and Angela (Alexa Ilacad).

In fact, it has been quite their habit to engage in either scathing or melodramatic back-and-forth. Check out some of these trending scenes via this Friday 5 video.

We begin with something lukewarm – their first encounter when Angela went to Diana’s mansion to invite her for an interview about the successful search for her long-lost sister of 20 years, Amy/Baby (Loisa Andalio). However pleasant Angela’s approach was, Diana dismissed the idea of flaunting their private life for public entertainment. 

Angela would insist, convincing Diana that their story would be interesting and inspiring. She would do everything to stir juicy scoops about Diana, including the latter’s dirty past. This, of course, resulted in a wrath-filled altercation complete with “malutong na sampal,” much to the satisfaction of Diana’s other mortal enemy, Jacinda (Snooky Serna), who enjoyed watching the ‘show’.  Baby would add fuel to the fire. 

However, it didn’t take long before the two Paraiso ‘sisters’ swallowed their pride to apologize to Angela, who they figured was their other long-long sibling, Beth. It's a classic display of dramatic brilliance between Charlie and Alexa, as one begs while the other spits out her pent-up bitterness. Angela dismissed Diana’s pleas and said that kneeling before he in public wouldn't be enough to soothe the hurt. 

In the final scene in this video montage, Diana told Angela that she’d like to give all her riches to Angela and Baby. But of course, Angela isn’t one to forgive for the sake of money. 

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