5 scenes from “Pira-Pirasong Paraiso” that showcase Maricel Soriano’s unfading brilliance

To have the one and only Maricel Soriano cast in a riveting drama is like a precious gift from the acting heavens. Once opened, you’ll get a slew of gripping scenes that attest to her brilliance as Diamond Star. She’s currently seen as Amanda in the trending afternoon series “Pira-Pirasong Paraiso,” shining in both her sentimental and fierce moments.

Marvel at her divine talent by watching this Friday 5 video from Pira-Pirasong Paraiso.”

Reunion scenes are guaranteed tearjerkers, especially when done by Maricel, whose acting prowess was matched by the versatile Charlie Dizon. In the first scene, Amanda begged Diana (Charlie) to listen to her explanation, her heart shattered in pieces realizing that her granddaughter has been marinating in bitterness.

Flashback scenes would reveal that Amanda’s daughter, Elizabeth, rebelled when she fell in love with the lowly Daniel. There was a time when Daniel asked for Amanda’s financial support for Elizabeth’s hospitalization. However, the misunderstanding further broke the mother and daughter apart, as Amanda disapproved of Elizabeth’s relationship with Daniel. She would carry the weight of guilt for decades and make it a mission to look for her granddaughters.

While Diana is dismissive, Angela/Beth (Alexa Ilacad) treats her grandma with empathy. In one dramatic conversation, Amanda told Beth that she’s certainly making her parents proud, clinging to eternal hope that Diana would also learn to forgive as Angela did. Maricel radiates in this scene, and Alexa was at her absolute best as well.

Meanwhile, her scenes with Carlota (Nikki Valdez) unleash her signature ‘taray’ appeal as Carlota often questions her decisions such as merging with La Madrid Land to get near to Diana and Angela and help them find Amy.

But her scenes with Baby (Loisa Andalio) paint more suspense in the story as they converge to expose the schemes of Hilary (Elisse Joson) faking her identity as Amy. In the final clip in this video montage, Amanda learned through Baby that Diana and Angela managed to have Hilary’s strand of hair tested for paternity; however, Hilary’s adoptive father Badong (Epy Quizon) threatened the two Paraiso sisters due to the illegally obtained DNA sample.

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