Jacina vs Diana Pira-Pirasong Paraiso

A drama series will never be as satisfying without the no-holds-barred confrontation scenes. In Pira-Pirasong Paraiso, Jacinda (Snooky Serna) and Diana (Charlie Dizon) deliver the most scathing female showdown punctuated with biting sarcasm. Check out their most entertaining face-off scenes via this Friday 5 video.

All hell broke loose with the revelation that Diana would inherit Julius (Art Acuna)’s shares in his company, La Madrid Land, leaving the latter’s ex-wife Jacinda and their sons Vlad (Joseph Marco) and Elon (KD Estrada) below her rank.

The conference room turned into a war zone when Jacinda started to mock Diana for being a former prostitute who married a rich man and is now the CEO of a big company. She vowed that Diana will never get a single centavo from Julius. She even insinuated that Baby (Loisa Andalio) is just pretending to be Diana’s sister, Amy. But she isn’t surprised, she said. She knows a snake when she sees one.

Another round of verbal sparring transpired when Diana shelved Vlad’s project due to lack of funds. Here comes the feisty Jacina ready to fight for her son’s project and territory. She pressed that the company has been losing money because of Diana’s scandal. But such mockery will not break Diana’s bone, not anymore. She recovered fast with a clapback oozing with power and confidence, “Well, that may be true. But I’m still the CEO.”

Diana sensed that Jacinda has something up her sleeve, probably an agenda to oust her from her position. She confronted Jacinda for using her scandalous past to turn the board against her. The election for CEO was postponed due to Baby’s abduction, which Jacinda implied was only orchestrated to Diana’s benefit. Cue another round of spicy exchange, with Jacinda using her knowledge and connection as a judge to threaten her opponent. But then again, Diana is not one to raise the white flag, especially not when her sister is involved.

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