15 times Hilary triggered our ‘gigil’ in “Pira-Pirasong Paraiso”

Hilary (Elisse Joson) is getting craftier with her deception, scheming Diana (Charlie Dizon) and Beth/Angela (Alexa Ilacad) into believing that she is the missing piece of the Paraiso puzzle, their long-lost sister Amy. Just when we thought she was the weakest link among the Abiogs, Hilary turned out to be one of the most creative in telling lies.

Watch this Kapamilya Toplist video from Pira-Pirasong Paraiso. Be warned, though: Hilary will trigger your ‘gigil.’

Remember when she introduced herself to Diana, claiming to be the missing Amy? She even guilt-tripped Diana by alluding to the latter’s shortcomings as a sister when they were young. It was followed by a fake confrontation with Badong (Epy Quizon), who seemed to have rehearsed well for this act. He vowed to reveal the truth and cooperate by allowing Hilary to go through DNA tests.

The way she addressed Diana and Beth as “Ate” even before the false positive DNA test result came made us want to curse in anger. She hugged her ‘sisters’, who didn’t even feel a hint of “lukso ng dugo” or that sense of familiarity felt when reunited with a relative.

Diana, obviously, does not buy the drama. To her, Hilary is still Hilary, and not Amy. What Hilary did was insist that Diana should at least try to address her as Amy.

She knows how to use her charm as part of her arsenal. One time, she acted so sweet and giddy preparing Diana’s coffee and didn’t even flinch when subtly asked to leave the room. Instead of feeling offended, she fixed Diana’s things without being asked – “pabida” as we call it.

Her true colors would subtly come out in confrontations with the equally feisty Beth. One time, at dinner, Beth shared how she’s coping with her job at La Madrid Land and her wish to continue her passion for journalism. Hilary butted in, reporting that she’s enjoying school and requested to take her OJT in La Madrid. Then, her reaction when Diana announced her plan to leave her post at La Madrid will crack you up, as it reveals how money-angry she is.  In another scene, Hilary clapped back at Beth, who insinuated that she's been sneaking out of the mansion at night for some suspicious activities.

You will know Hilary is ‘something’ when even Judge Jacinda (Snooky Serna) couldn’t stand her, let alone when even Diana scolded her in front of an audience. This happened when she got into the mix of Diana and Jacinda’s argument, further igniting chaos by mindlessly hitting the latter. Diana snarled at Hilary, telling her to keep her being ‘palaban’ at a corner. 

Of course, she is willing to kick people who will get in her way like Baby (Loisa Andalio), who is certain that all these are part of a scheme. What Hilary did was pass to Baby her crime of stealing in Jacinda’s house, and then beg Diana to send Baby back in prison. When confronted, she called Baby “amoy magnanakaw” and dared her to present evidence of this alleged deceit.

When will Hilary’s secret come out?

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