10 times Loisa and Ronnie made us feel kilig in “Pira-Pirasong Paraiso”

Amid the nail-biting drama, the element of romance serves as a fine breather in the Kapamilya afternoon series “Pira-Pirasong Praiso.” One of the featured pairs in the teleserye are real-life couple Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte. Their characters may not be going yet into a romantic route, but their chemistry is so strong that even their slight interactions radiate ‘kilig.’

Check out some of their scenes together via this Kapamilya Toplist.

The video opens with Jonaf (Ronnie) greeting Baby (Loisa) at her birthday party. He took her surprised reaction as a sign of dismay, and thus decided to just go ahead, saying he just dropped by to hand his gift. But the truth is Baby was just feeling uncomfortable with him due to her secrets. Before he managed to leave, Julius (Art Acuna) and Diana (Charlie Dizon) entered the scene and asked Baby to accommodate her guest.

Little things do matter, such as the manner a guy pays attention to a girl. In the next scene, Jonaf noticed the mark on Baby’s neck, to which the latter reasoned out as just an accidental scratch. Baby’s foster father Badong (Epy Quizon) arrived and told her to go home immediately to her waiting mom. However, the tandem just froze in awkward silence, as if they didn’t want to separate.

Admiration was evident in Baby’s eyes as she listened to Jonas’ story about his late father’s bravery as a cop. This was when she visited their house to join in the small gathering to commemorate the death of Jonaf’s father. She commented that his dad must be so proud of him.

And it seemed that his grandma was proud and happy, too. The old woman excitedly disclosed that Baby was the first girl that Jonas brought to their house. She said that Baby must be the reason behind Jonaf’s smile, and asked her to visit often. Not only his Lola, but also his friend noticed that he and Baby look good together. Cue the adorable ‘asaran.’

The two have started to get close since Jonaf was tapped to become Baby’s bodyguard after an abduction incident. There was a scene where they accidentally touched the car door at the same time, then he asked if she felt electric. She just ignored his ‘banat.’

In another scene, he saved her from a moving vehicle, then underscored his ability to keep her away from danger. Well, Jonaf seems getting comfortable dropping cheesy lines or jokes in front of Baby. One time, she sighed about wanting to make a good impression in his sister’s company, as she didn’t want to be tagged as a ‘nepo baby.’ Jonaf chuckled at his own joke: “Bagay naman po sa inyo, Ma’am. Kasi Baby po ‘yung dating n’yong pangalan.” The joke was enough to make us smile, but Baby’s reaction made the scene all the more ‘nakaka-good vibes.’

Another proof of their growing closeness? They insisted on dropping the formalities so they could call each other by their first names.

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