Amy & Jonaf Pira-Pirasong Paraiso Toplist

With heartfelt moments shared and unwavering loyalty amid challenges, Jonaf and Amy -  played by Ronnie Alonte and Loisa Andalio aka LoiNie - have truly raised the bar on romance. Here’s a Kapamilya Toplist video that offers a look at their love story in “Pira-Pirasong Paraiso.”

In Jonaf and Amy’s world, every touch and glance becomes a canvas for kilig, like what happened when their hands brushed against each other as they opened the car door unintentionally at the same time.

When Amy tried to escape from Jonaf, who was then assigned as her bodyguard, and narrowly escaped being hit by a car, he drew her in so close that no space remained between them. He smiled, thinking that he must have just impressed Amy with his protective and caring side.

It didn't take long for him to fall completely in love with her, captivated by her compassionate nature. While she rearranged stuff in her new place following the destruction of her previous one due to arson, Jonaf affectionately told Amy that any man would be lucky to have her as a girlfriend, given her resilience and commitment to goodness despite tragic experiences.

A confession followed soon after, with Jonaf making a vow to stand by Amy in every season of her life. He promised to support her through challenges. Although Amy hesitated to open her heart at the time, Jonaf didn’t stop loving her.

Amy found a companion in Jonaf, who promised to make sure that she would never feel alone again. She accepted his love and they officially became a couple.

Jonaf’s commitment was evident as he prioritized protecting Amy from the enemies, especially her adoptive father Badong (Epy Quizon) and the latter’s syndicate. Although it was later revealed that he hadn’t truly left the police service, he only took the necessary steps to shield Amy and help her thwart Badong’s malevolence.

Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without their romantic kissing scenes. In one moment of joy, the couple shared a kiss after she mastered handling a gun with his help. In another, enveloped by silence and listening only to the beat of their hearts, the two shared a tender smooch, sealing their quiet promise to cling to each other until the end.

Jonaf promised Amy to never leave her side. Will he be able to fulfill this promise? Don’t miss the “Pira-Pirasong Paraiso: Ang Huling Laro” finale week on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5, and A2Z.