Jacinda Diana Word War Pira-Pirasong Paraiso

From being married to the same man to engaging in a tug-of-war of company ownership, Diana (Charlie Dizon) and Jacinda (Snooky Serna) were born to become enemies. With the “Pira-Pirasong Paaraiso: Ang Huling Laro” finale coming up, Kapamilya Toplist looks back at Diana and Jacinda’s craziest and most exciting confrontation scenes in the series.

All hell broke loose with the revelation that Diana would inherit Julius (Art Acuna)’s shares in his company, La Madrid Land, leaving the latter’s ex-wife Jacinda and their sons Vlad (Joseph Marco) and Elon (KD Estrada) below her rank.

The conference room turned into a war zone with Jacinda mocking Diana’s past as a prostitute who married a rich man to miraculously become the CEO of a big company. She vowed to never let her get a single centavo from Julius. She even insinuated that Baby (Loisa Andalio) was just pretending to be Diana’s sister, Amy. But she isn’t surprised, she said. She knows a snake when she sees one.

Diana sensed that Jacinda had something up her sleeve, probably an agenda to oust her from her position. She confronted Jacinda for using her scandalous past to turn the board against her. However, the election for the new La Madrid Land CEO was postponed due to Baby’s abduction, which Jacinda implied was only orchestrated to Diana’s benefit. Cue another round of spicy exchange, with Jacinda using her knowledge and connection as a judge to threaten her opponent. But then again, Diana is not one to raise the white flag, especially not when her sister is involved.

Whenever something bad happens, expect Diana to be tagged as the suspect, even with the death of her own husband Julius, and grandma Amanda (Maricel Soriano). It’s so unlucky of her to have a cunning judge as a rival. There was a time when Jacinda ousted Diana from the company due to the latter’s alleged murder of Amanda and then convinced Carlota (Nikki Valdez) to file charges.

In a scene after Diana got released on bail, Jacinda made sure to welcome her enemy back to the outside world with her usual annoying antics. Diana fought back and vowed to finish the war that Jacinda started. Well, Jacinda’s son, Elon, supporting Diana in her case, was enough proof that the latter owned this round.

From the La Madrid office to the police station, we move next to Julius’ mansion. Here comes Jacinda, with a piece of paper said to prove the falseness of Diana and Julius’ marriage. With such a claim, she kicked Diana out of the mansion. Diana, insisting that she was legally married to Julius, turned hysterical and tore the document. However, Jacinda was unfazed, saying that she could easily reproduce the document.

These confrontations are marked with fewer violent outbursts, thanks to Jacinda’s effortless style of provoking her enemies and Diana’s ability to keep calm in the face of a verbal war. And that’s exactly why we love them – no mess, just powerful and hurtful exchange.

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