10 heartbreaking scenes of Charlie Dizon as Diana in “Pira-Pirasong Paraiso”

Pinoy viewers have been keeping an eye on Charlie Dizon since her phenomenal Best Actress win, and they have nothing but praise for every role she takes on. She’s currently seen in the afternoon Kapamilya drama “Pira-Pirasong Paraiso” where she paints the character of Diana, a woman with a complicated past and in search of her missing sisters. Re-watch her best dramatic scenes so far via this Kapamilya Toplist video.

Diana has faith that she’ll be reunited with her sisters one day. She will recognize them through the bracelets that her mother gave each of them. When she found one of the bracelets with Baby (Loisa Andalio), she burst into tears, her pain and longing so palpable it was hard not to cry with her. She asked Baby a few questions like how she got the bracelet. Later on, a DNA test result confirmed their blood relation, though Diana was clueless that Baby’s adoptive father, Badong (Epy Quizon), faked the results.

Charlie gets her ‘hugot’ from Diana’s bitter past as a former escort girl. The scene turns emotional whenever she recounts her past to Baby. She revealed that Julius (Art Acuna) was initially just a customer, but she has learned to love him for real. She’s also genuinely thankful for his help in finding her sisters.

Diana would always talk about her gratitude to Julius, as her life depended on him. At the same time, viewers will feel a hint of shame in the way she narrates her life story, evident during her interview with Angela (Alexa Ilacad).

In one scene, Diana gets a piece of encouragement from Baby, who reminds her that nothing about her past is ugly or embarrassing. After all, she worked hard for where she is and what she has become.

One of the most shocking events in the series is Julius’ mysterious murder. Viewers are building their theories about this. But, about Charlie’s performance, they are certain that she was able to give her absolute best. She captured every side of Diana’s emotions – grief, guilt, and love – as she spoke at Julius’ wake. Again, she rehashed how Julius brought her out of a dark place and gave her a fresh beginning. She said that before Baby arrived, Julius was the only person who made her feel loved, understood, and supported.

The scene was interspersed with flashbacks of Diana and Julius’ happy memories.

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