WATCH: Funny moments of Elisse Joson as Hilary in “Pira-Pirasong Paraiso”

Elisse Joson is hands down one of the most stunning faces in showbiz. As she continues to improve in her craft, she proves that she’s one of the most talented as well, switching her angelic and graceful ways to different personas. Currently, she’s the funny bad girl – just everything rolled into one – as Hilary in the afternoon series “Pira-Pirasong Paraiso.”

Her comedic scenes truly add a special flavor that makes the new drama all the more enjoyable. Check out her funniest moments, so far, via this Kapamilya Update video.

In the pilot episode where their group failed in a robbery mission, Hilary and Kano (Markus Paterson) were berated by their adoptive father and leader Badong (Epy Quizon) for their stupid mistake, especially Kano, who fatally shot a cop. When Kano explained that he only did it to protect Baby (Loisa Andalio), the embittered Hilary commented, “Hoy, Kano! Hindi kailangan ni Baby ng proteksyon mo kasi nga, ‘di ba, sila lang naman ang nag-iisip dito,” punctuated by her signature habit of licking a lollipop.

From her facial expressions to her intonation, Hilary always hits the mark when it comes to subtle comedy, such as in the scene where she and Kano failed to connect to their neighbor’s internet access. Another one is when she casually asked for chicken and monggo from the female staff in a carinderia. Who would have thought that the very poised Elisse can act this ‘jologs’ and boorish for a role? Truly the mark of a great actress.

As Baby set the dramatic tone of another scene by hinting at her plans to leave their group and pursue her dream to study, Hilary coated her emotions with hilarity. She said that Baby’s change of heart wouldn’t make her feel bad, at least “sa akin ang korona.” But somehow, she will miss her, “Support kita, Sis. Minahal na rin naman kita, eh.” Her only advice to Baby is to change her birth document that still reflects “Baby Girl” as her legal name, “Eh, ang tanda-tanda mo na!”

When Kano assumed that Baby wanted to leave because of him, Hilary’s sparkling response was, “Wow naman!” She laughed at Kano’s dream to study, and then put his arithmetic skill to the test but he was stuck with basic addition.

Her comedic brilliance is on full display whenever her crush, the police officer Jonaf (Ronnie Alonte) is around. Elisse served us pure entertainment gold with her lovestruck reaction to Jonas saving her from a perverted “afam” customer, as well as when she dropped by the police station to give Jonas an appreciation gift and formally introduce herself.

Add to that the scenes where she admiringly went through Jonaf’s social media photos. And when Kano almost shot Jonaf in another encounter, Hilary saved the cop and told Kano: “Huwag naman ‘yung pulis na ‘yun. Future baby ko ‘yun, eh!”

Of course, we couldn’t leave out the scene where Baby went home with “pasalubong”, specifically a perfume for Osang (Sunshine Dizon) and short dresses for Hilary, which made latter react, “’Pag ako, maikli agad?” The night didn’t end there. Osang asked her to prepare a plate for Baby, and her witty reply was, “Hindi nga ako kumakain para hindi ako makapaghugas ng plato tapos uutusan mo ako para diyan? Matutulog na ako.”

We didn’t know Elisse can be this funny!

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