Loisa Charlie Alexa Elisse Dramatic Scenes

With how mesmerizingly beautiful and amazingly talented the four of them are, there’s definitely no doubt that Loisa Andalio, Charlie Dizon, Alexa Ilacad, and Elisse Joson are among the brightest and most popular actresses of this generation. 

Thus, when it was announced last year that they would top-bill the afternoon soap opera Pira-Pirasong Paraiso, one of ABS-CBN’s first-ever teleserye collaboration projects with TV5, it was indeed met with excitement from their respective fans and avid Kapamilya viewers alike. 

And since it premiered in July 2023, we devotedly followed the journey of the Paraiso sisters in finding one another, as well as in fighting for their family to be finally together peacefully. Throughout its run, we’ve witnessed how Amy (a.k.a Baby), Beth, and Diana have gone through a series of battles and struggles, both individually and together, because of the people who are obviously not pleased nor thrilled with their reunion, including Hilary, who used to even pretend as Amy.

At the same time, the four aforementioned promising actresses were also able to showcase their astounding dramatic prowess through their impressive portrayals. As the series approaches its “Ang Huling Laro” finale this week, let us revisit some of the most intense acting moments and showdowns of Charlie, Alexa, Elisse, and Loisa in Pira-Pirasong Paraiso by watching the videos below. 

Diana remembers her sister from Baby's bracelet

The second time that the paths of Diana and Baby intertwined was when the former and her husband Julius (Art Acuña) almost ran the latter over while crossing the street one day. As the two ladies chatted, Diana suddenly noticed the bracelet Baby was wearing, which got her emotional. 

Charlie was able to exhibit her astonishing ability to cry instantly as her character assumed that the bracelet was owned by her sister whom she had been looking for a long time already.

Diana exposes Hilary's true identity

After going along with the show executed by Badong (Epy Quizon), Diana and Beth, with the help of their Aunt Carlota (Nikki Valdez), finally exposed the true identity of Hilary, who was then still pretending to be the real Amy Paraiso, in front of their visitors during the birthday party they prepared for her. Just when Hilary thought that her “family” had a wonderful surprise for her, it went on to become one of her nightmares as she got finally busted. 

In this scene, all four leading ladies were able to showcase their acting chops. Charlie and Alexa initially played it cool as they watched Hilary pull up her surprise, then exploded with anger as they confronted her. Being the feisty kontrabida that she is, Elisse didn’t simply let herself be defeated in their acting showdown as she also displayed her ferocity at the same time. Loisa, although not part of their altercation, still exuded her dramatic prowess.

Angela blames her suffering on Diana

Prior to getting reunited, Beth, who was formerly known as Angela Medina, was initially reluctant to accept whatever Diana had been offering her. Even though her older sister had already humbled herself and apologized to her several times, Beth had remained indignant as she could still vividly remember the painful experiences she went through after being separated from her when they were still kids. 

Charlie and Alexa absolutely moved us in this scene, wherein Diana attempted to once again win her over, but Beth was so infuriated as their issue had also taken a toll on her career.

Angela is mad after Diana tried to “bribe” her for her forgiveness


Those who were able to watch this particular scene were surely astounded by the acting showdown of Alexa and Charlie, wherein the former slapped the latter so hard not only once, but multiple times! Not only our hearts were pierced by their burning confrontation, but we were also astonished by the intensity of their acting that made this scene truly one for the books. 

This was after Angela arrived at Diana’s office vehemently furious to confront her about the money she was trying to give her. While Diana presumed that it would be a good reparation for all her shortcomings and the mistakes she committed when they were still kids, Angela perceived it as her way of “bribing” her for her forgiveness. However, the wrath in her heart was really scorching, so she vowed to make her feel the anger and pain caused by what she did in the past. Thus, Diana prompted Angela to repeatedly slap her as long as she pleased, if that would suffice all the trauma and hurt that she had to endure growing up fending for herself. 

Hilary releases her outrage to the Paraiso sisters

From playing teeny-bopper and protagonist roles in the previous teleseryes that she starred in, we can all agree that Elisse absolutely shined and stood out here in Pira-Pirasong Paraiso. She’s indeed able to showcase her range as an actress, proving that she’s the next big thing to look forward to in showbiz. 

She had a lot of noteworthy moments in this series, including this scene wherein she was completely drunk and lashed out at the Paraiso sisters, especially at Amy whom she used to treat as her sister. Jonaf (Ronnie Alonte) also received her rage after he chose to not reciprocate her love for him, and Osang (Sunshine Dizon) most of all for allowing all of this mess to happen due to her connivance with Badong. She reminded her that none of them could look down on her since they were sinners like her, too, and vowed that she would rise higher than them someday. 

Amy bursts into tears as she hugs Beth and Diana

After going through a lot of setbacks, the Paraiso sisters are finally reunited for real! Alexa, Charlie, and Loisa surely stirred us with their dramatic chops in this heartwarming reunion of their characters Beth, Diana, and Amy, respectively. The three tearfully reminisced their journey going back to each other’s arms, with Diana returning the bracelet of Amy to her. 

However, just when we thought that it was going to be already for good, Amy told her older sisters that she couldn’t be with them in order to protect them from Badong. Diana and Beth, of course, insisted on joining Amy in her fight.

Hilary abducts Amy

And lastly, Elisse once again got to display her caliber as a kontrabida in this scene wherein she abducted Amy as she followed the order of Criselda (Rosanna Roces). Amy tried to talk things out with her by reminding her that both of them were just victims in this game, but Hilary was so livid with how Amy obstructed her ambitions and how the people she once considered her family abandoned her. Regardless of how Amy assured her that she would always consider her as her sister and would never leave her side, Hilary refused to believe in any of those because her loyalty was already with Criselda, who she now considers as her family.

Elisse and Loisa’s dramatic showdown here was so riveting, probably making many of us hope that there’s still a chance for them to reconcile in the end. 

We’re you able to catch these dramatic moments and showdowns of the four leading ladies of Pira-Pirasong Paraiso. We’re surely going to expect more from Elisse, Loisa, Charlie, and Alexa in the remaining episodes, so you better not miss its “Ang Huling Laro” finale. Catch it Mondays to Saturdays after It’s Showtime, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5 and A2Z.