Review Pira-Pirasong Paraiso Finale

Being one of the first-ever collaborations of ABS-CBN and TV, Dreamscape Entertainment made sure that “Pira-Pirasong Paraiso would be one of the most remarkable teleseryes we’ve ever seen. And it didn’t disappoint as we found ourselves so hooked in the past seven months that we followed the journey of the Paraiso sisters making their dream of having a complete and happy family come true, which was repeatedly thwarted by the wicked schemes of their enemies.

The #AngHulingLaro finale week commenced with the heartwarming moment between Hilary (Elisse Joson) and Criselda, a.k.a. “Bossing” (Rosanna Roces) as they conveyed their yearning to experience genuine familial love. Hilary consoled Criselda by assuring her that she would stay by her side no matter what and asked her if she could be her mom, which Criselda accepted by touching Hilary’s hand.

In pursuit of exacting revenge on Daniel (Gardo Versoza) and, at the same time, forcing him to go back to her and their deceased daughter Miranda, Criselda was really resolute in killing his three daughters in front of him. Thus, she had all of them kidnapped. While Diana (Charlie Dizon) and Beth (Alexa Ilacad) were already at their hideout with their father, Amy (Loisa Andalio) was abducted by Criselda’s minions and was able to escape.

During their one-on-one conversation, Daniel confessed that he actually loved Criselda at some point of their relationship because of how kind and loving she’d been to him. Just when she assumed that it was only her who got tormented by the tragic demise of their unica hija, Daniel told her that not a day went by that he didn’t think about her. Still hopeful that they would get back to how they used to be, Criselda thought that it would only be possible if his three daughters were going to be gone for good.

As Jonaf (Ronnie Alonte) and Elon (KD Estrada) paid Osang (Sunshine Dizon) a visit at the Barrameda residence where she was hiding with Diana’s friend Vera (Kate Alejandrino) to show the files that could help in tracing the whereabouts of Criselda, Osang tearfully requested Jonaf to not kill Badong (Epy Quizon) and Hilary once they’re able to capture them and give them a second chance.

While it was Badong who was sent out by “Bossing” to look for Amy, it was Hilary who was able to catch her in the woods. A heart-rending confrontation between them ensued, wherein Hilary lashed out at Amy for being the main hindrance for her in achieving the life she’d been dreaming of.

Amy tried to change her mind and heart by promising to be there for her and to help her find her real family, but she still chose to stick with Criselda. All the pain, hatred, envy, and sufferings that she endured had already numbed Hilary and turned heart into a stone. She even mercilessly stabbed Amy twice on her left arm with a scalpel.

Upon arriving at the location where Criselda and her henchmen brought her and her family, Amy managed to loosen the ties around her hand and attempted to hostage Criselda. That was thwarted when the police turned up, and an intense shootout ensued between the two groups. As Criselda tried to kill Amy by strangling her, Daniel was able to get her gun and fatally shot her twice before falling to one of the pits she prepared for the Paraiso sisters.

After fleeing from the shootout, Badong unexpectedly returned and took Amy as hostage. Osang, who requested Jonaf to allow her to come with them, tried to negotiate with Badong and persuaded him to finally surrender. However, instead of heeding to his wife’s request, Badong wanted them to flee and kill Amy first. As he angrily pointed the gun at Amy, Osang was able to grab it and it was her who got shot instead, which resulted in her demise.

Badong got arrested, and instead of being remorseful, he was more determined to avenge the death of Osang and to erase Amy off the earth even though he’s inside the jail. The same with Hilary, who was still on the loose and was more tenacious than ever in killing Amy.

Meanwhile, good things were coming up for the Paraiso sisters. Beth was recognized for her outstanding work as an investigative journalist, Amy was able to score a decent job, while Diana opened her furniture business. They also had the chance to visit the resting place of their deceased mom Elizabeth (Maika Rivera) and grandma Amanda (Maricel Soriano) together with their dad.

At the same time, Jonaf and his comrades received badges of honor for their significant accomplishment in saving the Paraiso family and in seizing Criselda’s syndicate. Elon, on the other hand, entrusted to be the new CEO of Grand Horizons after Diana declined to reprise her position. Jonaf also proposed marriage to Amy, which she and her family accepted.

Just when things were already going well for them, Badong and his fellow inmates managed to escape while being transported. As he formed a new syndicate, Badong vowed to finally accomplish his unfinished business – to have Amy killed this time. He tried to seek financial support from Jacinda (Snooky Serna), who was already in prison, in exchange of taking her out of jail, but she rejected it. Instead, she cooperated with the police in order to capture him again.

While the Paraiso family and Elon were inside the office of Grand Horizons, Hilary, who disguised as a security guard, suddenly appeared in front of them and took Amy as hostage. Amy managed escape from her, but, unbeknown to them, Badong was already waiting for them outside after being able to flee from the shootout with the police.

Since both Hilary and Badong were keen on exacting revenge against Amy, to connive anew and brought her to the former hideout of Criselda’s syndicate. Amy’s family and the police were able to tail them and a gunfight ignited between the authorities led by Jonaf and the two hostage-takers.

In the end, they were able to shoot Badong, who fell off the railings a few feet from the ground, while Hilary was saved by Amy before having the same fate.

Jacinda was found to be guilty beyond reasonable doubt in being an accomplice to the crime of frustrated murder and is bound to suffer prision mayor.

While Hilary was in jail, Amy and Jonaf brought her the greatest surprise of her life – her biological mother who had been looking for her as well since she went missing when was still a kid. Thus, Hilary humbly asked for Amy’s forgiveness and thanked her for fulfilling her promise to her of helping her find her real mother. And that was when the rift between them finally got fixed.

Just when we assumed that Badong was already dead, he appeared to have survived the fatal fall. However, due to the severe injuries that he sustained, he will be paralyzed for the rest of his life. Amidst of all the traumatic and near-death experiences she had because of Badong, Amy was still grateful to him for being the bridge for her to be able to find her real family. Thus, apart from forgiving him, she also told him that she’d already put everything in the past, so he must do the same in order for him to ultimately attain peace.

The series capped off with the Paraiso family and their friends and significant others having a merry and sumptuous lunch together outdoors, as well as a poignant moment among Amy, Beth, Diana, and Daniel as they promised one another that they wouldn’t let their family be broken and separated again.


Intense reactions from netizens

Ever since it premiered in July 2023, Pira-Pirasong Paraiso had never failed to fascinate Kapamilya viewers and fans alike as it turned out to become part of our afternoon siesta habit.

Its interesting plot, which focused on the journey of the once-estranged Paraiso sisters in uncovering the truth behind their identities and the past fateful circumstances that shattered their family for a long time, as well as in fighting for each other and their dream to finally get reunited, really got us hooked to it.

Adding beauty to it were the seamless execution of scenes, enthralling story-telling, and striking lines, props to its top-caliber directors Raymund B. Ocampo and Roderick P. Lindayag, pool of brilliant writers Nathan Arciaga, John Joseph Tuason, Allan Cuadra, and Airic Diestro, and the entire Dreamscape Entertainment production unit.

But apart from these elements, we can all agree that the exemplary performances and noteworthy chemistry of its cast members had contributed a lot to its staggering success. The four leading ladies Loisa Andalio, Charlie Dizon, Alexa Ilacad, and Elisse Joson were all able to prove how deserving they were of the roles entrusted because of how they nailed portraying them.

Aside from their dramatic chops, we also got to witness their skills in doing action scenes, especially Loisa and Elisse. And speaking of these two, their heartwarming and scorching face-off in the finale week was extremely commended by netizens, who gushed over their mind-blowing performances that indeed took our breaths away and stirred different emotions in us. We saw how they instantly matured in this series, as well as Alexa and Charlie and their leading men Ronnie Alonte, KD Estrada, and Joseph Marco.

While we already know how a good actor Joseph is through his previous portrayals, Ronnie and KD, on the other hand, astonished us by what they had shown us here. On his first-ever teleserye, KD indeed impressed us with his capacity as an actor, which he was able to show more in the finale week. It can be presumed that the two can be the next bankable leading men to watch out for. We should not also forget Markus Paterson, who really embodied his character Kano.

Of course, we had nothing but praises to the seasoned and veteran stars that took part in this show, such as Snooky Serna, Epy Quizon, Sunshine Dizon, Rosanna Roces, Gardo Versoza, Jao Mapa, Nikki Valdez, Art Acuña, Rafa Siguion-Reyna, and Liza Diño, who once again amazed us with their top-notch acting prowess. Their chemistry with their younger co-actors were also unmistakable, which make some netizens wish to see them anew in more projects.

We truly felt the unconditional love and selfishness of a mom through Sunshine’s portrayal of Osang, while Epy and Snooky really got into our nerves as two of the main antagonists in this series. Despite their limited stints, Rosanna, Gardo, and Maricel certainly left lasting impressions to the viewers with how they added spice and different flavors to the narrative.

Lui Manansala, Archi Adamos, Maika Rivera, Kobe Medalla, Hasna Cabral, Marvin Yap, Kate Alejandrino, Argel Saycon, and Sandy Aloba also deserve two thumbs up for their performances as supporting cast members.

From beginning to end, the support of televiewers to the series had been outpouring. Attesting to that was how several topics related to it were among the top trending local topics on X (formerly Twitter) throughout its highly anticpated #AngHulingLaro finale. Besides, the last episode aired on Saturday, January 27, reached 141,741 all-time high peak concurrent viewers on Kapamilya Online Live in ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube channel!

Here are some of the rave reactions from netizens that we’ve spotted on social media:

Congratulations on the successful run, “Pira-Pirasong Paraiso” family!