Young stars & Veterans Pira-Pirasong Paraiso

Our weekday afternoon viewing has become more exciting ever since Pira-Pirasong Paraiso premiered in July 2023. One of the landmark collaborations of ABS-CBN with TV5 when it comes to teleseryes, it introduced to us the Paraiso sisters Diana, Beth, and Amy – astoundingly portrayed by Charlie Dizon, Alexa Ilacad, and Loisa Andalio, respectively – whose anticipated reunion was repeatedly hampered by people who hold grudge against them, which include the ambitious Hilary, compellingly played by Elisse Joson, who used to pretend that she’s Amy.

While we already know how brilliant actresses they all are, we can all agree that their stars shone brighter in this series as they got to act opposite their veteran co-actors. As it’s now in its “Ang Huling Laro” finale week, let’s look back on the acting moments between the promising stars and veteran thespians of Pira-Pirasong Paraiso in this feature!


Diana shows her resentment towards Amanda


We were indeed astonished when it was revealed that the one and only Diamond Star Maricel Soriano would have a special participation in the series as the estranged paternal grandmother of the Paraiso sisters, Amanda Barrameda. Although she was able to get along well with Beth (Alexa) and Baby (Loisa) immediately, not with Diana (Charlie), who still couldn’t move on from what happened to their family in the past.

As the eldest among three siblings, Diana still vividly remembered how Amanda initially chose to turn her back on them when they highly needed her. She tried to explain and asked for her forgiveness on the very first time that they met again after so many years, but to no avail for she was still furious at her.

Charlie really amazed us in this scene with how she’s able to keep pace with the dramatic flair of Maricel by not only being able to cry instantly but also compel us in their characters’ stirring confrontation.


Hilary becomes emotional during her conversation with Osang


For sure, this scene between Hilary and Osang, played by Elisse and Sunshine Dizon, ripped a lot of hearts with how touching it really was. She might have always appeared strong, but Hilary wasn’t able to contain her emotions as she spoke to her adoptive mother about the things she resented about her.

As Hilary refused her invitation to escape with her, Osang tried to blackmail her by telling her that she already knew that she and Kano (Markus Paterson) were actually planning to pilfer the money that Badong (Epy Quizon) would get once they’re able to accomplish their mission. But Hilary was not dazed by it as she even warned Osang against relaying it to Badong.

We really felt the pain of Elisse here as she depicts the child who couldn’t feel genuine affection from her ‘parents‘ in spite of everything she does, as well as her resentment in every line that she exchanged with Sunshine.


Jacinda keeps Beth and Diana away from her children


As the lives of her sons Vlad (Joseph Marco) and Elon (KD Estrada) had been always endangered ever since they got closer to Diana and Beth, Jacinda (Snooky Serna) wasn’t able to hold her hatred against the sisters, who just got hostage then, as she infuriatingly called them “malalandi” when she confronted them.

And we can all agree that Charlie deserved to receive a resounding “clap, clap, clap” for her mind-blowing performance here. The same with Alexa, KD, and Joseph, who also delivered their lines so well opposite the veteran actress.


Badong pins Baby down with bullets


Far from the previous roles she played in the series that she starred in, Loisa’s caliber as an actress was totally shown in her notable portrayal of Baby (a.k.a. Amy). Here, she’s able to prove that she can both slay in drama and action right from the time when her character was still a skilled con artist, to the present when she’s a capeless heroine to her loved ones in her pursuit of saving her from the enemies.

One of her most notable scenes would be this intense confrontation scene she had with Epy, as he made her believe that Osang was already dead and lied to her once again about being the real Amy Paraiso. Besides, didn’t just simply assault her, but even attempted to kill her by fatally shooting her thrice and leaving her behind.


Osang admits Baby's true identity


Obviously, Loisa is able to further hone her acting skills in Pira-Pirasong Paraiso, especially when it comes to drama. In this scene, we truly felt the pain of her character Baby not just physically, but more on mentally and emotionally when she finally heard the truth about her real identity after being lied to by her adoptive mother, Osang.

The promising young actress was indeed able to keep pace with the dramatic flair of the seasoned actress as they’re able to move us during this heart-rending revelation. 


Amy saves Daniel from Criselda


It isn’t only in drama that Loisa is able to progress, but also in action. And we’re to see it a number of times throughout the series, such as in this nail-biting scene wherein Amy courageously saved her estranged father Daniel (Gardo Versoza) from Criselda (Rosanna Roces) and her henchmen as they attempted to take him away with her.

Viewers were arguably astonished when she kicked Rosanna in the face during this fight scene, then went on to captivate us with her dramatic scene with Gardo.


Hilary considers Criselda as her mother


While Elisse has amused us with her on-point portrayal of the “jologs” and vivacious Hilary, she has also impressed us with her ability to touch our hearts with her dramatic chops. Just like in this scene wherein she commiserated with Criselda as she expressed sadness for still not being able to gain the love of Daniel after years of trying.

As she felt lonely as ever, Hilary assured Criselda that she would stick by her no matter what and even wished to become her mother, which the latter apparently appreciated and accepted. This only proved that villains could also be tenderhearted and there’s a deep reason why they came to be.

Now that we’re already in the “Ang Huling Laro” finale week of Pira-Pirasong Paraiso, we can expect to see more thrilling and fascinating scenes between the young stars and the veterans. So, you better not miss the remaining episodes until Saturday (January 26), after It’s Showtime.