5 emotional reconciliation scenes in “Pira-Pirasong Paraiso”

The holidays are definitely one of the most highly anticipated seasons every year because this is when we get to be reunited with our loved ones who we haven’t seen for a long time and celebrate Christmas Day and New Year’s Day together. And sometimes, it is through these reunions that we’re able to fix the misunderstandings that we had with them.

But, as we all know, reconciliations can happen even if not during the holidays. And this is what Pira-Pirasong Paraiso has attested through the series of reunions that we’d witnessed throughout its promising run ever since it premiered last July.

From the unexpected reunions of the Paraiso sisters who got separated when they were still kids, to the touching reconciliations of one of its major characters to the family she grew up with, let’s revisit them in this feature.

Diana and Angela/Beth reunion turned confrontation

Being the eldest sister, Diana was left with no choice but to give away her younger sister Beth to a woman who promised to provide her a better life abroad, in exchange for a hefty amount that she used to pay for the hospital bills of their other sister, Amy, who was sick then.

Little did Diana know that the woman was actually a member of a syndicate, who sent children to the streets to become beggars. Beth managed to escape but had to go through a lot of hardships as she had to fend for herself growing up. Thus, when she’s already an adult, she initially sought revenge against Diana by using her profession as a reporter, who uses the name Angela Medina (Alexa Ilacad), to get closer to her – and succeeded.

However, it didn’t take long for Diana (Charlie Dizon) and Baby/Amy (Loisa Andalio) to figure out that she’s the other piece of the Paraiso puzzle that they’d been searching for. Diana tried to win her favor by stating in her will that she’s sharing a portion of her wealth with her and Amy, which got Beth insulted instead because it’s as if Diana was thinking that all the pain and suffering caused by what she did could be reparable by money. Thus, instead of having a heartwarming reunion, an intense confrontation ensued between them.

Amy reconciled with Diana and Beth

Just on the first few days of Pira-Pirasong Paraiso, we had already witnessed the reunion of Diana with Amy, but it was marred with deception as the latter, who was then called Baby, was just being forced by her foster dad Badong (Epy Quizon) to pretend for the sake of extorting money from Diana. And, as we all know, they were able to easily convince her upon seeing Baby wearing one of the bracelets that their late mother had given them. Even though Badong and his wife Osang (Sunshine Dizon) repeatedly told her that she’s not, Baby knew in her heart that she’s indeed the missing girl.

However, Diana discovered that everything was just a put-up job, which led to their fall-out and Diana sending him to jail. Amy proved that she was regretful of the crime she committed and did everything to win the favor of Diana and Beth. In the end, it was still lukso ng dugo that prevailed, backed with DNA results to prove what they already knew all along.

Finally, the three Paraiso sisters got reunited for real and Amy got to wear again the bracelet that had been hers. Unfortunately, they couldn’t be fully reunited just yet since Amy had to protect them from the dangerous Badong.

Amanda and Diana meet each other

Years after last seeing her when he was still a child, Diana wasn’t able to hold back her tears upon meeting her estranged grandmother, Amanda (Maricel Soriano), for the first time again. She was initially shocked when introduced as the new business partner of Grand Horizons, but that was eventually replaced by rage as she blamed Amanda as the main reason behind her mother’s demise. Diana vividly recalled how Amanda refused to help her dad pay for her medical operations then, making her totally resent her ever since. But this wasn’t the case with Beth and Baby who were able to create a cordial bond with their grandmother.

Diana’s wrath against Amanda only got pacified after the latter was able to explain what happened many years ago that hindered her from getting to where Diana and her family were during those times. Ultimately, Diana gave the forgiveness Amanda had been asking for her.

Kano got reunited with Osang

In hopes of having their family reunited, Kano (Markus Paterson) tried to convince Osang to escape with him so that they could go somewhere far away and live a brand-new life. With the hardships and deadly experiences that he went through, Osang expressed her regrets and apologies for taking him away from his family. Kano told her that it was already too late and all that she could do for him was to join him in living a brand-new life away from everyone they knew. After all, Kano had nothing but unconditional love for Osang. 

Amy and Osang apologize to each other

After admitting to Baby that she’s indeed the long-lost Amy and apologizing to her for keeping that secret for a long time, Osang went on to blame herself for the tragic demise of Kano. Baby was initially furious at her for continuously conniving with Badong, but she eventually found it in her heart to forgive Osang even though what she did to her, Kano, and Hilary (Elisse Joson) was unpardonable.

Pira-Pirasong Paraiso attests to the oft-quoted adage “blood is thicker than water.” Despite the bad things that happened to them some of the characters were still willing to bestow their forgiveness to a loved one who did them wrong. These are just reminders that even the deepest wounds can heal with time and love, and that family will always be important no matter what.