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Eduardo & Amor: The First Promise of Forever
In an episode, as fate would have it, they meet again inside an elevator, similar to their first encounter. He also apologizes for Claudia’s behaviour and for what happened 20 years ago but Amor brushes it off and says she’s fine. The elevator gets stuck and Eduardo worries as he looks at signs of Amor’s panic attack. Unlike before, she didn't have to hum to herself or gets affected by claustrophobia. She has changed a lot, has forgotten about Eduardo, and has moved on.

In an interview for the two most influential people of Punta Verde, the unavoidable but unexpected question came up--about how they were when they were still together. Eduardo happily answers the question and compares Amor to her specialty, the "binalayok," which takes a long time to cook. No matter how hard one tries, it is really hard to forget a great love.

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