Lia: The Journey of a Young Buenavista
Lia (Andrea Brillantes) grew up in the affluent and influential family of the Buenavistas. Punta Verde is her kingdom and, being the youngest daughter of Governor Eduardo Buenavista (Ian Veneracion), she is everyone's princess.

This seemingly perfect life took a 180-degree turn after a series of unfortunate events—Gov. Buenavista was put to jail, her mother Claudia (Angelica Panganiban) was believed to be dead, and their family's properties were foreclosed. She and her brother Angelo (Daniel Padilla) moved to Manila and started from scratch.

They had to stay in a small apartment which was a far cry from their mansion, Angelo had to look for a job, and she had to transfer to a different school where she is an outcast. She herself changed from a sweet little princess to the troubled girl haunted by her past. The transformation of Lia did not only showcase the versatility of the character but also the talent of the actress Andrea.

Relive the journey of the young Buenavista through these clips:

1) Young Sweet Love
Puppy love is probably one of the most kakilig kinds of love. In an episode, Lia starts to admire Egoy as Amboy expresses his admiration towards the girl.

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