Friday Five: Bringing Comedy into the Drama of Pangako Sa ‘Yo
Pangako Sa'Yo may have given us some of the most tear-jerking scenes on Philippine television but it has also made us laugh with its ensemble of characters. Making the episodes more colorful and lively are the sidekicks, friends, and supporting casts of our leads.

Here are just some of the most memorable tandems and their agaw-eksena moments in Pangako Sa'Yo:

1) Claudia and Coring: Okrayan Besties

Coring, the loyal assistant of Madam Claudia, is ever-dependable in times of okrayan and making grand schemes of revenge. They can even throw insults at each other during their bitch fits. Only a true friend can call his/her bestie "mataba" and not be offended, sort of.
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