What Pangako Sa ‘Yo has taught us
What’s really remarkable about the teleseryes we watch now is the impact it carves out on our lives. Gone are the days of the mere soap opera that intrigues us, with the sole purpose of drawing us to the next episode and know what will happen next.

Today’s primetime dramas have surely went beyond the trappings of the privileged against the oppressed, and has become more relatable and identifiable with our everyday situations and predicaments. As such, these dramas are no longer just a vehicle for pathos, or the intention of merely stirring up emotions like anger, pity or sympathy, but also a medium for life lessons or valuable teachings that guide us through.

Such is the iconic teleserye that has both dazzled and stirred us for two generations, Pangako Sa ‘Yo, which ends its second coming today. In our own sincere observations, both the original and retelling of this classic has truly become the most memorable of any teleserye in history. Who could forget the fervent, idyllic romance of Yna Macaspac (Kathryn Bernardo) and Angelo Buenavista (Daniel Padilla), the purposeful and triumphant journey of Amor Powers (Jodi Sta. Maria) that led her to a blissful return to love, respect, and family, and nemesis Claudia Buenavista’s (Angelica Panganiban) own rise and fall from grace?

Yes, the series is simply the drama that we can’t forget. Owe that to compelling storytelling that strikes Filipino sensibilities where it truly mattered—how one would lose it all but have the courage and determination to rise and recoup. And how love would stand the test of time, heartbreak, tragedy, hostility, and misfortune to reach its destiny.

But there are more to the story that strike us to the core.

1) How to deal with the most painful trials in life

Lolo Greggy (Tirso Cruz III) says it best, as Angelo reels from his heartache of potentially losing Yna and Ichu (Kristel Fulgar) baring that her sister died in Japan: “Lahat tayo may pinagdaanan masakit sa buhay natin. Yun nga, habang nangyayari yon, akala natin, di natin malalampasan yon. Pero, kagaya nung naging motto natin di ba? Tiwala lang. Kaya nalalagpasan natin ang mga pagsubok na yon. Gaano man kalungkot nalalagpasan natin, patuloy tayong nabubuhay. Dahil sa mata ng Diyos may kabuluhan pa tayo. “

Nothing truly tests our mettle as persons than the hardships we face, especially the ones that leave us helpless and vulnerable. And, with all these tribulations the characters went through throughout their journeys, it would be easy for them to just give up and just like what Angelo contemplated yet later denied—take his own life. But trusting and believing that a better day is coming, all anchored on faith and hope, is what will make us see through these difficulties.

2) How self-sacrifice brings the true meaning of love

All throughout the series, the best way to express undying love is by enduring the pain of self-sacrifice. Whether it’s Angelo or Yna wallowing in tears over their numerous break-ups due to situations beyond their control, or Amor and Gov. Eduardo Buenavista (Ian Veneracion) setting aside their deepest love for one another because of Claudia’s fiendish designs or circumstances that overwhelm them, or Ligaya (Sue Ramirez) accepting who really owns Angelo’s heart and being instead his good and reliable friend.

Once you hold back despite the pain, or give up those things you hold so dear would make you become more capable of loving and be loved in return.

3) Love transcends life, and its painful realities

No matter how bleak or uncertain their future holds, even if it’s forbidden in the eyes of the world, true love triumphs. It even transcends what we believe as norms—when civil statuses change or a supposed “sibling” relationship is uncovered. Heart strings remain unbroken and true love still resides in their hearts.

That is what’s special about love, especially that kind we all witnessed in the series for the past nine months. It’s not merely a feeling all of us enjoy. It’s a lock (just like those sold at the ABS-CBN Store) that seals our fate, whatever happens!

4) Accept your battles and face them with strength

From the onset, it was already a battle, and Amor knew it too well. Since losing Eduardo to an arranged marriage, her family to a man-made disaster, and her chastity to a heinous crime perpetrated by those who oppressed her, it was not only a battle but a war she must win. As such, her innocence in just making a living or loving a person in its purest form was lost, making way for that sheer determination to fight till the end and regain what was lost.

For most of us, leaving it all to fate is the somewhat the prevailing norm. “Bahala na si Batman” is what we normally say when we face our own battles, and just leave it all to the mercy of God or the poetic justice from karma, without actually doing anything. Even in the Scriptures, no passage would assure that all brethren can be passive about life and leave all their fates to God. Why do we feel the same injustice done to us over and over again? It’s because we don’t take action by default and remain defeatist. By Amor’s example, it’s something we must reconsider.

5) Justice will prevail

Even with the well-laid plans of the most powerful villains, somehow, somewhere, someday, the criminal will never go unpunished. And, as a record rating 42.7% of televiewers nationwide witnessed, Claudia learned it the hard way. Claudia surely had it all, wealth, power, a dapper husband, and wanted more—to really take down everyone who would dare cross her path, especially her pesky nemesis Amor. And, she was that lethal, even killing Amor’s child David (Diego Loyzaga), who knew her scheme of faking an amnesia.

But even if the web of lies, deceit and murder had helped her initially, the subsequent turn of events only led to her downfall. I mean, who would expect her to make a monumental slip of the tongue when she revealed to Angelo her links to Simon Barcial (Alex Medina) and that the latter was his father! Maybe it was too convenient but was really too deserving for Claudia to have all her cards fall one after another. And that meant losing the trust and confidence of Angelo and Lia (Andrea Brillantes), validating Eduardo’s hatred towards her, and getting her hair pulled and trashed by the two people who loathe her the most, Amor and Belen (Amy Austria-Ventura).

Claudia’s murderous fit and other revelations have really turned the protagonists’ lives upside down, but the question of whether Yna and Angelo were siblings have finally been answered. Yes, to KathNiel fans, at least they could walk down the aisle! And for Claudia, Simon, and all those who abuse and violate people’s lives, a slow, painful march to their jail cell and the painful wrath of justice!

Well, you get the message!