Yna & Angelo: A Promise of Forever
Twenty years ago, Eduardo Buenavista, eldest son of an affluent family who owns Buena Mines, fell in love with a barrio lass and working student Amor de Jesus. They were separated by their social class, tested by fated, and hardened by suffering, only to get back together in the end. This exact arch happened to our young and star-crossed lovers Angelo Buenavista and Yna Macaspac.

Angelo Buenavista is the rebellious son of powerful politician Eduardo while Yna is an adopted daughter of a retired policeman. Their Romeo and Juliet kind of story, a repetition of history, is at the heart of Pangako sa 'Yo. It was during an idle afternoon when they met. Both were enjoying a wonderful river in Punta Verde, minding their own business, until Yna bumped into Angelo's bamboo raft. The rich boy fell into the water and the smalltown girl saved her.

Later on, the young Buenavista expressed his intent to revive an old family business, Casa Corazon. He again sees Yna, the new kitchen aide and assistant cook.

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