Claudia: A Life of Revenge Part 1
A story on the promise of forever, Pangako Sa'yo explores the grand motif of love and all the other themes surrounding it, such as loss, betrayal, and revenge. It also follows the tale of star-crossed lovers Angelo Buenavista and Yna Macaspac in a Romeo-Juliet trope of rival families.

Claudia is the illegitimate child of then Punta Verde governor Enrique Zalameda. She lived a lowly life after being abandoned by her father 20 years ago. On the other side of the story are the Buenavistas who own a mining company called Buena Mines which paid for Amor de Jesus' education. Much to the dismay of Doña Benita Buenavista, her oldest son Eduardo has fallen in love with Amor. The family matriarch refuses to accept this relationship.

Since Claudia believes that "money can buy everything," she immediately agreed to the proposition of Doña Benita to have her married off to her son. This fixed marriage was music to her ears and she immediately agreed to wed into the rich family of the Buenavistas. It was also part of the transaction between Buena Mines and the governor of Punta Verde as it will save the family business.

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