Amor Powers: Rising from the Ashes and Starting Again Part 2

This unconditional love, however, was put to the test when Diego rapes Amor and Claudia tells on them with a different spin to the story. The older Buenavista refuses to believe the explanation of the love of her life.

Amor's entire life changed when she learns that she's pregnant with Eduardo's child. She goes to Hong Kong for the betterment of her daughter's life only to come back to a tragedy that took her entire family. From then on, Amor promised herself that she will avenge all that has happened to her and her daughter.

Two decades later, a lot has happened in Punta Verde and Amor returns to the Philippines from the United States as Amor Powers. She is now the widow of a wealthy American businessman and is set on using her power to avenge the death of her family by destroying the Buenavistas, even the man she once made a promise of love to.

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