Why #PSYPaninindiganniAngelo made even Kris Aquino cry
Aside from that heartrending moment when it dawned on Nanay Belen that Tatay Isko is not okay because he just kept repeating what he just said, Pangako sa ‘Yo fans have another big reason why the episode #PSYPaninindiganniAngelo was painful to watch.

When a crying and pained Yna told Angelo that they need to break up and love each other from afar, Angelo teared up. Prior to the breakup, Yna told her bestie Takong how much she loves Angelo, but that their relationship is hurting even her family and for this reason they need to part ways.

Fans took to twitter to express how they feel with Yna and Angelo’s breakup.

Even Kris Aquino expressed her pain over the episode via Twitter.

Fans’ grief over Yna and Angelo’s parting resounded on Twitter with 1.21 million tweets.