The Vows of #Forever with Pangako Sa ‘Yo Promise Locks
Just like Angelo and Yna, you can now show your “promise of forever” to the ones you love online with Pangako Sa ‘Yo Promise locks!

This is an interactive online page where you can post your vows for the people you would want to show your love to. Whether you have a whole or broken heart, this will let your feelings speak for itself.  Once you have made a lock, it means that your promise is sealed and is bound to last forever.

To make one, go to the Pangako Sa ‘Yo Promise Locks’ page (http://bit.ly/1ObeCrj). Click on the Make A Promise then select what kind of promise lock you would want to make. You can choose among the following promise tags: love, adventure, time, understanding, sweetness, forgiveness, happiness, good times, communication, loyalty, change, freedom, security, surprises. You can even make your own promise lock name if you’d like to.

Next, write your name and the name of the person you want to keep your promise to. Whether it be your best friends, family, special someone, your one that got away, or even yourself.  

Third, upload an image – take note that it should be square. Pick the best picture that you think would somehow tell the story behind your vows.

Lastly, click the upload arrow. Wait for it to finish uploading and click on submit once it’s done. Now you have made your promise of love.

The promises made by people all over the world are collected on the “Promise Wall” page. And to make sure that these vows will be kept true, visitors of the page will serve as the witnesses to the promises once they share the locks on their Facebook accounts.

Here are some of the beautiful promises people have made on the Pangako Sa ‘Yo Promise Wall:

So are you ready to make your promise of forever? Make one now and let your loved ones receive the greatest promise they could ever have! CLICK HERE http://bit.ly/1ObeCrj