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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Moi Kelvin Macky Pamilya Sagrado Toplist

The storyline of “Pamilya Sagrado” intertwines family and brotherhood. But the friendship found among Moi (Kyle Echarri), Kelvin (Jeremiah Lisbo), and Macky (Miggs Cuaderno) transcends these bonds. Kapamilya Toplist compiled some scenes that prove they’re rock-solid no matter what. 

Moi and Kelvin's friendship is unbreakable, strengthened throughout their growing up years. They’re like inseparable twins—where one goes, the other follows. Naturally, they dreamed of entering the University of Crestwood together. We open the video montage with a scene of them taking the university’s entrance exam. The anxiety and pressure were palpable, but the presence of a trusted friend made all the difference. These two will face life's challenges and make their dreams happen side by side.

When Kelvin won a local pageant, the celebration wasn't complete without some good-natured teasing. Moi, ever the playful friend, asked for his share of the prize, or "balato," since his savings had already been spent on repairing their house damaged by heavy rain. Instead of indulging in Moi's drama, Kelvin joked that Moi should have joined the pageant himself. It’s these light-hearted interactions that cement their bond.

Their friendship took a new turn when they met Macky, their spirited roommate. Macky's infectious enthusiasm quickly won them over, transforming their duo into a trio. And then, there was a scene where Kelvin pretended to be jealous of Moi's new friend, Justin (Grae Fernandez), the young member of the town’s respected Sagrado clan. Despite the playful jealousy, Moi declared that Kelvin would always be his OG best friend.

Macky's sister, Maxine (Daniela Stranner), added another layer to their friendship. Moi and Kelvin were surprised how pretty she is. In one scene, the two boys and Maxine visited Moi at his part-time job. Moi thought Maxine was complimenting him, only to realize she was actually talking about a group of students dancing in the corner, prompting Kelvin and Macky to jestingly call him “feelingero.” It’s moments like these that make their friendship feel more like a brotherhood full of playful teasing.

The ultimate test of their friendship came when they decided to join the GSX fraternity together. The grueling initiation process and their masters' harsh treatment could have easily broken weaker relationships. However, Moi, Kelvin, and Macky endured the hardships together. That's why they were overjoyed when they finally passed the initiation and hazing, officially becoming ‘brothers’ of the Gamma Sigma Xi fraternity.

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