Jairus Aquino reacts to his much talked about scene with JM and Joey on Pamilya Ko

It has already been almost a month since the filming and airing of ABS-CBN teleseryes were suspended due to the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) being implemented by the government in light of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. Thus, we really couldn’t help but miss seeing the stories and characters we used to watch regularly before, such as Pamilya Ko.

As a way of sufficing our longing for the Mabunga Family, we recently caught up with one of its lead cast – Jairus Aquino – via the first-ever Kapamilya Chat done through the video communications app Zoom.

The interview commenced with the young actor waving his finger hearts as a way of greeting the online   viewers who were tuning in to the livestream. Host Carlough Hermano asked him about how his life has been over the past weeks, to which he responded by expressing how being locked down at home for a long time has made him feel extremely bored and miss the outside world, yet he’s now able to adjust and cope up with the “new norm.”

The activities we could do might be limited for now, but this didn’t hamper him from still being productive by utilizing his time in bathing their dogs, washing their car, working out, reading, watching news, and bonding with his family. In spite of the current situation, Jairus and his family also didn’t miss to celebrate his 21st birthday last April 1 through a very simple and intimate fete in their house.

While many of us are having a sedentary lifestyle, he’s able to maintain his active by keeping himself fit through the alternative workouts he came up with that he enthusiastically demonstrated for the viewers to imitate.

He was then asked about his reaction upon learning that their co-star Sylvia Sanchez, who plays the role of Nanay Luz, and her husband Arturo were tested positive for COVID-19. He divulged that she’s been consistently updating them through their Viber group and recently told them that she already feels better and just waiting for the results to be negative. He also imparted the firm advice that their “nanay” to take the disease seriously and to keep themselves healthy.

Aside from showing off his workout routines, Jairus also taught netizens how to make a DIY (or do-it-yourself) washable face mask out of towel or handkerchief and two rubber bands, as his way of reminding us to allot the N95 and surgical masks to our frontliners and those who are really in need of those.

Since we’ve been missing Persi and the rest of the Mabunga family, Entertainment.ABS-CBN.com also asked for his reaction on his remarkable confrontation scene with the characters of JM de Guzman and Joey Marquez, Chico and Fernan respectively, wherein he was able to exude and astound us with his impressive dramatic prowess. He wasn’t able to help himself from uttering “Nakaka-miss, grabe” as he watched that particular scene, which he revealed was done for one-take only. In the end, he imparted that he actually didn’t have any ‘hugot’ when he did that for he firmly believes that he only needed to get into the character and know where it is coming from. He internalized by listening to sad songs and not talking to anyone as he prepared for it.

According to the former child star, he owed it to his brilliant co-actors whom he collectively described as “sobrang sarap kaeksena” because there’s never a competition among them as they always assisted one another instead.

The fun interview concluded with Jairus further making us thrilled as he gleefully displayed his awesome takes on three of the most popular dance challenges on TikTok, which has been one of our boredom busters nowadays.

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