Apol Mabunga funny hirits

We have known Apol Mabunga, played wonderfully by Kid Yambao, as the joker in Pamilya Ko. He keeps hard situations light by cracking his timeless jokes. Here are 10 times he made his co-stars in the show and the viewers laugh so hard.

One time, the Mabunga family was at the parking lot when Persi (Jairus Aquino) noticed a woman who seemed to have a problem with her car. Their dad Fernan (Joey Marquez) knew immediately it was Dr. Pia dela Paz (Alyssa Muhlach) or “Dr. Ganda” as they call her. Chico (JM de Guzman) volunteered to help her but Beri (Kiko Estrada) also wanted to help her and even told his brother he knows better when it comes to cars. However, Chico insisted he can do it. So Beri just went back to their car and that’s when Apol teased and jokingly told him “Prutas tayo, hindi ahas. Ang kay Chico, kay Chico.”

Another incident was when Pongky (Raikko Mateo) was computing the time that passed since Chico has been gone. Persi joked that Pongky got his math skills from him. Peachy on the hand said that Pongky got his cuteness from her. But the. there was Apol again cracking a joke that said Pongky was still peeing on his bed and he got that from Persi. But this time his joke did not work because Pongky said he actually got it from him.

Another one was when the Mabunga boys played basketball and talked about how each other became their mother or their father’s favorite. Beri was telling Chico he is envious of him because he always does impressive things for the family. Chico said however that he’s the one who’s actually envious of him because he’s their mother Luz’s (Sylvia Sanchez) favorite. Apol bantered and looked serious while saying he was actually the one jealous of them. His brothers almost believed in him until he said it’s because they were too dramatic.

When Luz just came home and the Mabunga siblings were too excited to see her, especially Pongky and Cherry (Mutya Orquia). So they immediately went to her but Apol was so funny in imitating their mom’s words and told Pongky and Cherry “Kayo may mga assignments kayo. Umakyat na kayo ngayon na!”

Add to the list that moment when Beri caught Cherry fixing her eyebrows and teased her that it is maybe because she was already having a crush over some guy at school. Cherry however was completely denying it. Apol caught both arguing and Beri then told him what he thought about their sister Cherry. So Apol funnily said his muscles were ready for that guy even though he did not have any, according to Cherry.

And when Apol, Beri, and Persi saw the guy classmate of Cherry thanking her for the cheesecake. That is why they teased their sister again that it was her crush. Apol even tried to imitate the guy and said, “Cherry kita na lang tayo sa school ha.”

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