Mabungas reveal secret success of Pamilya Ko

What is the secret behind the success of Pamilya Ko? Sylvai Sanchez thinks that the Filipino’s family-oriented attitude is one reason. More importantly, however, she believes that it is their cast’s close bond which translates to the screens.

Jairus Aquino talked about how they used to have different lives and personalities. Now, as they continue to work together, they changed and adjusted to complement one another. “Nung tumagal ‘yung show parang naging as one kami. Sasakyan namin trip niya kahit hindi naman namin trip dati,” he explained.

Kahit wala sa camera totoo pa rin ‘yung tao sa’yo,” Kid Yambao added. While they spend a lot of time together in front of the cameras, it is really the off-camera moments that connected them. For Kiko Estrada, you can see this in how they can make eye contact but still feel comfortable. “Si Kid nga nangingindat pa,” Jairus joked.

So, what is next for the afternoon drama? They did not want to give away any hints to avoid possible spoilers, but they do promise that the upcoming episodes will be even more intense. “’Yung story po namin mas gumaganda po nang mas gumaganda,” Mutya Orquia said.

Viewers will have to say goodbye to PeaNat for good, but this means that Peachy is more mature. “After PeaNat, natuto na siya kasi mali naman talaga ‘yung relationship to begin with. So, ito mas mag-focus na siya sa family nya,” Maris Racal shared. Jairus teased that something shocking and completely unexpected will happen involving Percy. There will be more tear-jerking scenes.

The Mabungas will go through more hardships. But at the end of the day, they will find to survive as a family. “Basta kung ano man ‘yung magiging reaction ko, base ‘yun sa lahat ng mga mangyayari sa mga anak ko,” Sylvia ended.