Team Mabunga shares current quarantine situation, applauds Mutya’s dance number

The Mabunga Family proves that their bonding and closeness cannot be halted by the current situation. They might be miles apart but they still find time to reunite and bring their avid viewers much-needed good vibes even just in the virtual space. The tribe tells us about their current quarantine activities and how their hometowns are coping with the crisis, in this episode of “Pamilya Kowentuhan.”

Almost three months in the stay-at-home phase, the Mabungas already miss their work and ‘kulitan’ antics on the set. But this bunch surely knows how to bear fruit wherever they’re planted – at home, for the meantime. The quarantine season allows Sylvia Sanchez and Joey Marquez to spoil their children with the gift of time.  

Board games and home workout keep Mutya Orquia busy. Raikko Mateo tried to go vegan but the growing boy realized he still can’t let go of his love for meat. Kira Balinger reunited with her songwriting hobby. Living independently in his apartment, JM De Guzman has no one and nothing else to depend on but his own housekeeping skills. 

It’s impossible to run out of things to do at home. Take it from Kid Yambao who cleans the house several times a day and scans old photo albums when bored.  For Jairus Aquino, there’s always something to look forward to each day.

As we move forward from episode to episode, Maris Racal and her wisdom just keep on getting more profound. ‘Peachy’ says she’s become really interested in watching the news and exploring social issues. This made her more – as how millennials put it – woke.  

Everyone assures that they’re doing safe at home and within their communities. They strictly follow protocols, thus not having much opportunity to go outside the village, except for JM who sometimes needs to shop for groceries. In a nutshell, the Mabunga Family’s quarantine days are peaceful and they even give props to their community and local government leaders.

To end the episode, Mutya collaborates for a virtual dance number with guest frontliner Mary Kirsten Berdan, a barangay secretary from Morong, Rizal.

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