Pamilya Kowentuhan: Team Mabunga shares their heartfelt realizations in this time of pandemic

In this time of unprecedented way of living, only love and empathy will cure the uncertainties and unite the nation in hope. These and many more are the key takeaways of the Mabunga Family – Sylvia Sanchez, Joey Marquez, JM De Guzman, Kid Yambao, Jairus Aquino, Maris Racal, Kira Balinger, Mutya Orquia, and Raikko Mateo – in the tenth episode of “Pamilya Kowentuhan.”

The cast of Pamilya Ko manages to find joy during this lockdown thanks to their weekly virtual gatherings. Not only they’re able to catch up and provide their viewers with much-needed good vibes, they also learn a thing or two from each episode. JM feels glad that their digital show turned as a playground for them and the audiences, just a proof that they can make themselves or anyone happy if they wish to. He adds, “If you frown, you make people down so always spread positivity.”

Now that the new norm of living has compressed the whole world into the digital space, Maris reminds everyone to be careful of possible pitfalls such as lack of empathy, which is often manifested in the likes of uncontrolled bashing. She says now is the most crucial time to be better individuals, to become more compassionate towards others such as when expressing opinion on social media. Maris herself became a target of rampant hate comments at one point during this quarantine. Yet she managed to come out stronger. She proved herself unbreakable and unbothered, as how JM and Kira put it. But not everyone has a skin as thick as hers, thus the pivotal need for tactfulness.

May mga nagri-risk ng buhay sa labas pero tayo naman nag-aaway-away,” says JM referring to the stark contrast between the sacrifices in the frontlines and the disunity in social media. Joey spearheads the bunch in paying tribute to our frontliners from health workers to restaurant attendants and everyone else risking their lives to be in service of others. “Sila pa humaharap sa kamatayan para lang makapagsilbi. Huwag nating tingnan ang titulo kundi tingnan natin ang puso.”

Kira underscores that this pandemic is a collective fight and not just for the frontliners so we all need to do our part. Staying at home may sound like boredom and petty to some but it is a big responsibility we all must do. There is power in gratitude, according to Maris, and we can make use of this to lift up the frontliners’ spirits. She adds that a simple ‘thank you’ or post of appreciation is enough to inspire our frontliners now tagged as modern-day heroes.

Each of us might look, think, or act differently but we all share the same endeavor – this comes from Sylvia’s realizations. The Kapamilya actress and COVID-19 survivor believes that love connects us all and with the presence of love also comes hope.

Kira’s duet with guest frontliner and photojournalist Rio Deluvio ends the episode with a heartfelt message – “Tuloy Pa Rin!”

The Mabungas also cast their vote to determine who won in last episode’s costume contest. To break the tie between Tsong Joey and Jairus, they must re-enact their characters. And after showcasing his knack for comedy, Joey bags the Best in Costume award.

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