Pamilya KoWentuhan: Sylvia shares tips on how to avoid COVID-19 after life-threatening battle

Who else can ascertain the horrors of COVID-19 than those who were actually afflicted with the

This is what Sylvia Sanchez shared on “Pamilya KoWentuhan” on Wednesday, May 20 on OKS.abs-cbn.com, as she recalled the ordeal of testing positive for the disease, along with her husband Art Atayde, in late March.

She said she thought she wouldn’t survive the disease, but with the help of the heroic frontliners, treatment and medication, following strict quarantine rules, and fervent prayers, they both fully recovered a few weeks later. Sylvia said she was ecstatic when she first learned she tested negative along with her husband, and pointed out how much she appreciated and cherished hugging her children for the first time after leaving the hospital, as it now meant more to her than ever before.

She said she was thankful that it was her and not her children who got the disease, saying she want them to learn from her experience.

It is in this regard that Sylvia would remind her beloved Mabunga children in Pamilya Ko and viewers of the Online Kapamilya Shows to take extra precaution in avoiding the virus. This includes the usual hygienic practices of washing hands regularly, taking a bath after going out to get needed essential supplies, and using separate footwear inside and outside the home. She also emphasized how we should take vitamins regularly, take eight hours of sleep, and never touch the eyes or mouth without thoroughly cleaning the hands using soap or alcohol.

But staying at home remains as the best way to prevent getting the disease, since we won’t have any idea or even awareness that we are actually getting afflicted. Sylvia recounted that she didn’t have any slightest hint that she had already been a carrier, even as she continuously reminds her children to stay

And Sylvia, won’t stress this enough: Continue praying that this pandemic will soon pass.

Her Pamilya Ko co-stars all applauded and honored Sylvia for her strength and determination in overcoming the disease and thanked her for the valuable tips so they themselves won’t contract it.

They would all pray the Oratio Imperata to help heal mankind from the pandemic.

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