Pamilya Kowentuhan: Summer at home? The Mabungas tell us how! Plus, Doc Pia’s clothes recycling project!

There’s something about the summer heat that always send us crawling outdoors and tickling our wanderlust to bits. However, the typical beach, mountain, or out-of-the-country summer trips had to be cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But that doesn’t mean we should let the crisis spoil the good vibes even while we’re stuck at home because, at the end of the day, summer is just upon us. In this episode of Pamilya Kowentuhan, the Mabunga Family shares how they enjoy summer time at home, collaborates with a guest frontliner, and demonstrates a creative recycling activity.

The Mabunga bunch is such an eye candy with their costumes! Playing along with the weight-gain remarks, Sylvia Sanchez dons the character of Piglet while her on-screen husband Joey Marquez dresses as a pirate. Mutya Orquia pays tribute to medical frontliners by wearing a first-aid nurse costume. Spirited Away’s black monster No-Face is Maris Racal’s peg for her DIY paper mask. Kira Balinger is a charmer with her feline ears matched with whiskers. The family’s resident joker Kid Yambao puts on a beanie and voila! He’s Breaking Bad’s Pinkman. 

If only the pandemic did not happen, the Pamilya Ko cast is supposed to enjoy a Hong Kong escapade this summer. JM De Guzman says he’d probably go on a hike, too. The cutie Pongky or Raikko Mateo also planned a Baler trip with family.

Nevertheless, the Mabungas make a way to feel the summer vibes even while at home. Most of them spend a few minutes a day basking in the sunlight. Jairus Aquino enjoys dipping in an inflatable pool. And when summer vacay essentials aren’t really available, why not play in the shower like Tsong Joey does? It’s still something fun and refreshing however childlike! 

The Pamilya KoLab segment features Beri or Kiko Estrada performing a virtual duet of “What a Wonderful World” with guest frontliner Ma. Bernadette Carangan, a restaurant manager.

For the Pamilya Ko-Arantips, Alyssa Muhlach aka Doc Pia demonstrates easy ways to recycle old clothes into rugs, dust cleaner, and tote bag. All you need are old clothing, scissors, balloon sticks, rubber band, glue gun, and a little creativity. Watch the full episode for Alyssa’s step-by-step tutorial!

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