Pamilya Kowentuhan: Mabunga fam shares what they look forward to each day

All the negativities happening around us and just being cooped up indoors can sometimes shrink our sense of motivation.  In order to fight the blues, simple tricks like celebrating the little things in life can be a big help, according to the ever optimistic Mabunga family.

Team Fruit Salad reveals something they look forward to each day, in this episode of Pamilya Kowentuhan starting with JM De Guzman who says it only takes a simple breakfast meal to awaken his enthusiasm. Food and quality family time at the dining table can be truly rewarding as well, according to Sylvia Sanchez and Kira Balinger. Kitchen newbies Maris Racal and Mutya Urquia look forward to learning new dishes. For Joey Marquez and Kid Yambao, waking up next to their loved ones is a simple blessing enough to enjoy the days.  Passion and productivity are Jairus Aquino’s motivational tools while basic necessities such as water make Kiko Estrada appreciate life even more. The youngest, Raikko Mateo looks forward to seeing the number of COVID-19 recoveries rise up each day.

Adjusting to an unprecedented lifestyle can be quite difficult and scary but there are still ways to keep it bearable. The Pamilya Ko stars believe that finding what makes you truly happy is crucial in coping with the world’s current situation. Tsong Joey maximizes the quarantine period to bridge the generation gap between him and his kids by joining them in their activities – however childlike. Jairus keeps himself busy by watching series and playing games while Maris includes piano lessons and anime in her quarantine diaries. Mutya finds solace in being a home foodie. JM maintains a workout routine and keeps his guitar close to him, saying there’s a mental harm to keeping the brains and body idle. “’Pag may ginagawa ka at nalalamang bago everyday, parang may reason pa para mag-survive,” shares JM.

The next segment –Pamilya KoLab – features JM strumming the guitar while singing a duet with guest frontliner Sarah May Vicente. Their rendition of “Don’t Worry Be Happy” serves easy laid-back vibes and a positive message, drawing cheers and applause from JM’s co-stars. The moment turns hilarious when Maris raises a scoreboard bearing a perfect score of ten for JM. The rest of the fam displays their humor as well. Goofing around, Joey grants JM his ticket to Hollywood while Kiko offers a cash prize. The episode ends with a virtual Mabunga hug!

In the next episode of Pamilya Kowentuhan,” on OKS.abs-cbn.com, the Mabungas will share important tips in taking care of our mental health.