Pamilya Kowentuhan: Get active with Beri’s home workout routine

Fitness establishments like gym and sports facilities remain closed all over places under community quarantine but, thankfully, there are workout routines that don’t require any equipment, gym membership, or outdoor setting. In this episode of “Pamilya Kowentuhan,” the Mabunga family’s Beri or Kiko Estrada demonstrates effective no-equipment home workout for the ‘Pamilya Ko-Arantips’ segment – because there’s no excuse not to exercise and stay active especially at the time of a pandemic.

You will surely get your hearts racing with Kiko’s fitness regimen composed of push-ups, leg raise, crunches, flutter kicks, and leg scissors. Do all these for 4 rounds and with 20 reps each for a good burn. In a nutshell, this power-pumping workout combination targets the core muscles specifically the lower abs and the oblique muscles on the sides of the trunk. It is also good for building upper body strength. Apart from the effects of physical activities, Kiko also emphasizes the benefits of drinking water, eating nutritious food, and having a good sleep.

After an exchange of adorable banter following ‘Pamilya Ko-Arantips’ , Kid Yambao aka Apol spearheads the ‘Pantawid na Fruit Basket’ segment. As Kid explains, green and ripe mangoes are both good sources and Vitamin C and Fiber while oranges are also rich in Vitamin C and are good for the eyes, skin, and digestive system. The Potassium-filled ‘saba’ banana is a versatile fruit, for it can be eaten as is, cooked into snacks like banana cue and turon, or used as ingredient in recipes like nilaga. Last to dive into the basket are pieces of apples that are also rich in Vitamin C and Fiber. Taking on some fan questions, Kid reveals that melon, ripe mango, and apple are his favorite fruits while watermelon belongs to the opposite.

From the Mabunga family, the beautifully arranged and super healthy fruit basket goes to the Gremio Family from Novaliches, Quezon City.

The Mabungas share their takeaway from the episode – from staying active to keeping healthy. The matriarch Sylvia Sanchez says she misses her ‘fruit salad’ and, then, initiates a virtual Mabunga hug.

In the next episode, the Mabunga family will talk about how they enjoy this summer season at home. Catch these and more in “Pamilya Kowentuhan on OKS.abs-cbn.com.