Pamilya Ko Mabunga Girls Beat the Buzz Challenge

Do you still remember Beat the Buzz? You have to pass a metal wand through a wavy wire without the two touching, otherwise it will make a startling noise. For this Entertainment.ABS-CBN.com exclusive, the Mabunga girls of Pamilya Ko played this game but with an added twist! Maris Racal, Mutya Orquia, Kira Balinger, and Sylvia Sanchez answered this or that questions at the same time. The one with the slowest time had to complete a dare. So, who has the steadiest hand?

Maris started off the challenge. Despite her intense concentration, the game managed to unleash her sassy side. “Ang OA mo. Ang layo pa noon,” she argued against the toy. When asked who her favorite Kapamilya singer is, she mixed up Erik Santos with Eric Quizon. Towards the end, her mind had gone completely blank. She could not even remember the last movie she watched.

Mutya was even worse. The young actress struggled from the beginning. Her ate Peachy advised her to slow down, but she had a goal in mind, “kasi para ma-beat ko oras mo.” 

On the other hand, Kira was the exact opposite of the two. She was super chill, as if she was not playing a nerve-wracking game. She even had time to support her on-screen sister Maris when asked for her favorite Kapamilya singer. Although, when asked to choose between Apol and Chico, Kira went for Lemon.

Sylvia was last to give the game a try. The veteran actress seemed ready to destroy the toy. So, to avoid any damages and to prevent her from saying any more words that had to be censored, her turn was cut short.

In the end, one of the three sisters was declared the loser after failing to beat the Buzz. As a consequence, she had to read the closing spiel in baby talk. “Buti na lang ikaw natalo, hindi ‘yan bagay sa amin,” someone teased. If you enjoyed watching the girls, then check out the Mabunga boys of Pamilya Ko play Twister

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